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Be it any place- an Academic Institution, an organization or as close a thing as family, there is one thing or an individual what/who is the flag-bearer of it; the one who/which spearheads the entire group.

It essentially also negates the assumption that the particular phenomenon or individual is the most prominent or given the most prominence but certainly he/it does certainly lead the group- may be in terms of sheer number/volume or the seniority in terms of chronology etc.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) of the university is one such spearhead because that was the program the GLA U began its joinery of Academic Excellence with. Being the oldest among the existing institutes and one of the best Engineering Colleges in UP, the IET has very succinctly proven and established its hallmark through quality education not only in the region, the state but much beyond.

Programs offered by the Institute of Engineering & Technology of GLA University are designed such that they, with a proven track-record, are dedicated towards nurturing Technically Sound, Socially Responsible Human Being and Globally Acceptable Engineers who evolve into Innovators and Entrepreneurs, capable of delivering outstanding solutions. IET proudly boasts of its dynamic alumni ranging from the domain of Public Service Commission, i.e. IAS, IPS and PCS officers to Lieutenants in Armed Forces, and also of its alumni serving at high echelons in service sectors across the globe. The Institute ever since its beginning has offered quality education in the field of Technical Education and its alumni spread all over the world are the stamp of testimony to the legacy of the IET, one of the top Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

Under the umbrella of IET, The Department of Computer Engineering and Applications, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics & Communications, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering offer their respective Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs.

Each of the department has very efficient and competent faculty to teach from Basic concepts of the discipline to research oriented content, in the manner as required and desired. The faculty possesses an impeccable track-record as researcher and teacher. They have an exemplary niche for both Research and teaching which makes the Institute of Engineering and technology a Place to be at!

GLA IET, one of the best Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh, offer B.Tech CSE courses in Academic Collaboration with IBM in Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security & Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specializations.

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