Diploma in Chemical Engineering is a comprehensive study of bringing together physical science i.e. Physics and Chemistry and life science viz microbiology, biochemistry, and biology applying together mathematics and economics in order to convert raw materials into newer products.

The program provides the students to get an insight into the workings of the industry. It is a comprehensive study of applying mathematics and economic calculations to analyze the possibilities in regulating the sector, developing refined products. In addition to imparting knowledge of chemical science, the course also exposes to students its application in human science areas as well. Throughout the course, the students are trained to refine their communication and analytical skills in order to apply them in future endeavors.

The curriculum covers the program in detail through the study of the subject which includes Applied Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemical Technology, Heat transfer, Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering and much more giving a broader perspective of the field to the students. Candidates are taught the science of producing reformed items, recycling of older ones and reduction of pollution by using different methods for cleaning the waste left out by the industries.

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Career Prospect

Chemical engineer uses his knowledge to solve technical challenges and overcome technical problems safely and economically. Scope of work involved in different industries for a chemical engineer are listed here:-

  • Using efficient methods for refining in oil refineries
  • Design equipment and processes for large-scale chemical manufacturing units
  • Design and manufacture of micro chips in electronic industry
  • Improving food processing techniques in food industry
  • Designing methods of producing fertilizers
  • Improving synthetic materials used in clothing
  • Marketing chemical and other products using technical knowledge
  • Improving use of energy and resources for better production and cost control
  • Water treatment and disposal
  • Research and development
  • Duration

    3 years
  • Course Fee

    1st Year : 63,000/- INR
    2nd Year : 64,000/- INR
    3rd Year : 65,000/- INR

  • Eligibility

    Passed 10th examination with at least 40% marks and Mathematics as compulsory subject

  • Admission Process

    • On the basis of performance in Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test of 60 minutes duration.



  • 500

    MNCs with salary packages ranging from 4.5 to 44 lakhs PA(batch 2022) and still counting...

  • 3000

    Placements offers (batch 2022) & still counting...

  • 76

    Average placement over the last 10 years

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