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Transport Facility

GLA University has a fleet of luxury AC Buses and Non-AC Deluxe buses providing transport facility to the students of Mathura region covering the distance of 45 km towards Kosi Kalan, 35 Km. towards Chhata, and nearly 15 km towards Vrindavan. GLA owns the fleet of 17 buses along with 16 contract buses. University buses are equipped with all safety devices i.e. GPS, to track the bus location, Route, Speed etc. and speed governor to restrict the speed of the buses as per the Supreme Court guidelines, Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit. From the safety point of view, Buses of GLA University board (at the time of departure from Campus) and de-board (after arrival at campus) the students inside the campus premises only. Students are allowed to board or de-board the bus at the scheduled stops only. We also allot seat numbers to every transport-facility user on the basis of first-come-first-serve (the student deposit the transport fee first, gets the seat first). Transport ID Card is valid for one Academic Session of the respective Institute. Transport fee is collected one time in advance for the whole academic session at the time of availing transport facility.