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Department of English

The Department of English, with its brilliant faculty and sterling reputation, is one of the premier and the most vibrant departments not only of GLA University but also in this region. The Department is committed to maintain high academic standards, the latest knowledge and understanding of the English Language, Literature, Linguistics and Translation for the students in a meaningful and need-based manner. The equally diverse and innovative courses focusing on Communication Skills, Effective Speech, Business English and Value Addition Non-Credit courses are offered by the Department that aim at catering to the needs of its learners and emphasize building students' confidence as well as preparing them to meet the challenges of life ahead.

Prof. Panchanan Mohanty

  • Head
  • Department of English

HOD Message

The Department offers Bachelor of Arts in English (Honours) highlighting Language, Literature, Linguistics, Communication Skills, and Translation Studies. The Department also offers many courses to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Engineering, Management, Law, Pharmacy, Sciences, Agriculture and Bio-Technology. These courses open doors to placement offers in Academia, Corporate, Government and other Professional Sectors.

Along with these courses, the Department offers Doctoral Programme in English which covers a wide range of specialisations in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, English Language Teaching (ELT), Translation Studies, Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature and other aspects of Language and Literature. After successful induction of the undergraduate programme, i.e. BA English (Honours), the Department is planning to introduce Masters Programme in Literature, Culture, Applied Linguistics, ELT and Linguistics. These programmes are designed to gratify learners’ academic needs as well as importance and sensitivity attached to the specificities in the usage of the English Language. Professional coaching in IELTS & TOEFL, NET/SLET/JRF, Certificate Courses in Foreign Languages are some other progressive plans of the Department in near future.

The faculty members of the Department, with an excellent research and teaching record, are committed to create a stimulating learning environment for the learners. They are always eager to use technology for betterment of the teaching skills and devising appropriate learner-centric teaching strategies. It has resulted in the form of National and International Level Online Courses offered by them. These faculty members have offered several courses on online platforms like SWYAM, NPTEL and E-Pathshala.

To strengthen research activities, the Department regularly organizes Faculty Development Programmes, Seminars and Workshops as well as National & International Conferences.

It is actively associated with national and international professional and academic bodies like University Grants Commission (UGC), the Linguistic Society of India(LSI), English Language Teachers' Association of India (ELTAI), Dravidian Linguistics Association (DLA), Central Institute of Indian Languages, Government of India (CIIL), Asia TFEL, Foundation for Endangered Languages, UK, many more.

The Department runs many literary and cultural clubs with the policy ‘of the students, for the students, by the students.’ The club activities enhance and showcase the students’ literary and cultural knowledge. Moreover, they inculcate team spirit, creative thinking, organizational abilities and leadership qualities among the students.

Software based English Language Labs of the Department are perpetually helping students in enhancing their listening and speaking skills. They help them acquire American and British accent of spoken English as well as present themselves confidently along with preparing them for effectively communicating with foreign clients in their professional life.

In accordance with the rapid changes and increasing demands in education, industry and corporate sector, the Department is open to the emerging concept of technology-driven world and it constantly updates its curriculum and initiates necessary changes in the teaching-learning processes.

Best wishes to all the GenZ Learners!