Admission Inquiry

Department of Library & Information Science

The excellent journey of GLA University continues with a galaxy of many Institutions, Faculties, Centres, and Departments imparting education in 65 academic programmes. With the spirit of our Inspiration “True Knowledge should be promoted all over the world as it is the noble and pious work”, the Department of Library and Information Science has been introduced at the University.

The Department focused to design, and develop the latest curriculum considering the changing information needs of society and fulfilling the shortage of skilled and competent library administrators and information scientists.

The department has launched new job-oriented three programmes in Library and Information Science, i.e., DLISc, BLISc, and MLISc.



The Department of Library and Information Science at GLAU is a centre of excellence inculcating a spirit of perseverance and connecting knowledge of and for generations through education. We strengthen library and information professionals who strive for distinctive quality and deliver creative dedicated minds with ethics.


To impart education with best practices and develop creative minds to deliver state-of-the-art library and information services.

Core Values of the Department:
  • Quality: We strive for quality learning for the delivery of quality service.
  • Creativity: Our objective is to create creative minds which carry moral values.
  • Perseverance and Connecting Knowledge: We believe in perseverance for the archival of cultural values and teach how to connect and sustain the knowledge of and for generations.
  • Discipline: Abide by norms in all situations from inhale to exhale, from read to digest, from conception to conclusion, from enact to act, and from learn to serve.
  • Think, Express, and Act: We focus to develop a flexible and diligent approach to thinking, expressing, and acting.
  • Excellence: We strive to develop a versatile, and competitive professional and transform them into an exemplary knowledge professional.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We foster learning to serve, learning for serving, and learning by serving with the spirit of honesty and integrity.
  • Accountability and Transparency- We enrich our students as a responsive responsible custodian as an open book transparent professional.
  • Engagement and Encouragement: We nurture values from engagement to encouragement in all spheres of life.


Message from the Head of the Department

The prime objective of the programmes is to develop high-quality minds in the domain. Librarianship is certainly a noble profession that requires specialized knowledge and skills.

It requires intrinsically interdisciplinary needs alignment with the core value of the organisational work field, and demands additional skills in computer application, psychology, societal communications, digital advancements, business and management laws, etc.

Thus, librarianship is an excellent profession for those who enter into it with a seriousness of purpose. Therefore, I am excited to welcome such devoted and dedicated aspirants.

We educate and train our students to meet the challenges in fast-changing world of ICT to:

  • Learn and understand the foundational principles and raise voice to implement the library and information law, policy, and ethics.
  • Understand the organisational vision, structure, hierarchy, system, and social environment for achieving its goal, objectives, and mission.
  • Identify the patrons of the organisation, and readers community, communicate with them to understand their information, research, and allied requisitions, and address their information and resource needs in context.
  • Understand the importance of orientation/awareness and organise programs to promote and inculcate reading habits, and use research resources available in print or digital subscription. Ensure the optimum utilisation of information resources and services.
  • Understand and establish a congenial relationship between the information centre, the reader’s community, and the decision-makers.
  • Understand, design, advise policymakers, plan, and implement the policies related to information resource procurement, management of resources, preparing budget, rules and regulations, collection development, and customisation and delivery of information services.
  • Understand and focus on the overall development of the library and information centre such as modernisation of functions, application of new technologies and tools, building the latest collection of print and digital resources, and crafting of new information services to meet the emerging needs of the teaching, learning, and research fraternity of the organisation.
  • Understand and support to transformation of the library into a state-of-the-art knowledge centre for research, intellectual, and innovative activities.
  • Identify and explore the emerging technologies, tools, techniques, and resources to fulfill the changing expectation of modernise knowledge society.
  • Develop competency to work as an individual or as a team member to plan, manage, and accomplish small and mid-level projects.

I look forward to engage with future Information Administrator & Scientist, Bibliometrician, Cybernetician, Informatician, Librametrician, Scientometrician, or Knowledge Navigator.