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Success belongs solely to those who are willing to work harder than anyone else. This applies to everyone and people in all domains, the students, naturally, are no exceptions. Those who work harder than others, accomplish higher results than others.

Creativity, innovation and initiation are the hallmark of GLA University an it hat has been dedicated to the modernization of education in this region for the past 20 years. Our University has been serving the individuals of different states of the country and producing skilful, efficient and confident professionals for the real world. Our primary objective is to instil a way of discipline in our students so that they attain success in their career.We encourage them to participate in numerous sports as well as cultural activities to nurture their hidden talents in a surrounding that's contributive to their physical, mental and psychological growth; and help them understand their ambitions through perseverance and sensible work. We facilitate their young minds become assertive not solely in their skilled career but also in their personal life so they positively subscribe to the development of the nation.

Special care is taken in imparting necessary knowledge for their all-round development because, now a day, degrees alone don’t work when it involves facing the cut-throat competition in the industry. Our students are not mere rote-learners but they're learners with high technical acumen in addition to refined soft skills. They have proved their courageousness in the past, and I am certain, will scale new heights in the years to come. Numerous initiatives of the management, relentless persistence of the faculty and overwhelming response of our vibrant students in the extra-curricular activities have yielded immensely positive results. I am sure, this university will keep enlightening young talents in the years to come and our exuberant and dynamic students can keep spreading the rays of their wisdom, knowledge, professionalism and ethics in all walks of life and set new standards for others to follow.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh