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GLA University, Mathura is the brainchild of Shri Narayan Das Agrawal who laid the foundation of this institute in the year 1991 as an educational institute to offer quality education by providing a learning experience in established and emerging professions to build capacity for leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. As of now, India ranks 46th in Global Innovation Index 2021, and 43rd in Global Competitive Index 2021. If India has to graduate from its present ranking and rank among top 10 nations, we must understand that research is vital, particularly in areas of applied sciences and technological innovations.

Over the 31 years, GLA University has contributed to research and development for India and it has emerged as one of the leading institutes of India for scientific research and technological education. For the quality standards of education and research, GLA University has been accredited with A grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). It has been ranked #1 amongst the top emerging institutes in survey 2018 by Times of India. Its mandate is to nurture the young minds with the scientific knowledge to conduct high impact researches in all branches of science and technology to meet the needs of the future by creating new knowledge and use it for social and industrial welfare of India by means of sharing the knowledge through technology transfer with industries and collaborative research with other prestigious research institutes of world.

To facilitate the high-quality research and innovations, GLA University has 12 research centres with advance research equipment and software which are not only heaven to researchers but also a cradle to a number of start-ups. Besides this university has signed a number of MoUs with leading research organisations from India and abroad.

In upcoming years, GLA University aims to become one of the leading research and educational institutes in the world. We will focus on the building expertise in research in all the branches of science and engineering, conducting research-oriented programmes and workshops for faculties and students, promoting the innovations and start-ups, collaborative research with other leading institutes of the world. We will continue to encourage the researchers from diverse disciplines to work together to solve the real-life challenges of society and industries. We will continue to work for welfare of India by doing research in areas like health care, climate change, water management, renewable energy and sustainable development of the country.

As we move forward to turn this vision into reality, we will create endless opportunities for students, innovators, teachers, researchers and more in the upcoming years. I welcome you to join us in this exciting journey to explore the new knowledge.

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