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Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation carried out by a student at the undergraduate level that contributes to the discipline in a unique intellectual or artistic way. Each division of GLA University conducts undergraduate research.

GLAU provide excellent research infrastructure for its researchers. GLAU have high quality research equipment’s and well settled laboratories to investigate in their field. Visit

As soon as feasible, ideally during or after your first or second year, you should start looking into opportunities and communicating to faculty members. You must please ensure you have the essential prerequisites to join the research group if you ask what the professor looks for in a research assistant while you are still completing regular classes.

Kindly visit our faculty page where you can browse researchers by their interests.

Candidates for admission to the PhD program shall have 55% marks in Master's degree for the admission in Applied Science & Humanities, Law, Management and Education. However, 60% marks in Master's degree remaining Courses.
It is desirable that the applicants, who possess minimum prescribed qualifications for admission to PhD program, should have an excellent academic/professional track record in the relevant discipline.
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A financial assistantship of 25000/- per month will be awarded for deserving full time PhD scholar. Also, candidates from academic/corporate having experience of three years or more will get an exceptional advantage. The continuation of scholarship is as per the terms and conditions of the University i.e., regularity in attendance, progress, good character and conduct. For further queries please visit

As per the regulations, a good number of scientific articles of Scopus/ESCI/SCI/WOS etc are required for the successful completion of the degree.

Thesis length can vary depending on the discipline you study. Moreover, the guidelines for the thesis completion can be found from respective “Head of Department”.

When you apply for Examiners to be appointed, the Degree Committee may ask for a precise thesis title to be proposed. The supervisor may also be invited to indicate his or her support for this title which will need to be submitted to the Degree Committee for approval.

The answer is contingent on the field you work in. Some professors expect you to have taken advanced classes in your profession, while others are looking for eager students who have never taken a class before. Contact the relevant lecturer if you have any questions about the prerequisites.

You can request to Center Head/Center-in-charge for your potential research. Go to for more information.

For most labs, safety equipment will be provided. Your faculty mentor often referred to as the principal investigator (PI), will orient you regarding the specific details.

A research study is paid for by the organization that sponsors the research. If the research is sponsored by the government, it may be paid for through a grant awarded to the doctors and scientists who conduct the research.

The ethical and legal codes that govern research practice also apply to experiment trials. In addition, most research is regulated with built-in safeguards to protect the participants. The trial follows a carefully controlled protocol, a study plan which details what researchers will do in the study.

A research study is a defined effort by doctors and scientists or scholars to investigate a research question. This effort includes the functions of study design, implementation, measurement and reporting.