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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Agriculture and agro-based industries are backbone of Indian economy. With only 2.3% world geographical area and 4.2 % world water resources we are able to provide food and nutritional security to 17% of world population (1.3 billion Indians). Agriculture is not only providing food, vegetables, milk, fruits and spices/ medicinal to our people but it also provides raw materials to various industries (sugar, cotton, tea, rubber, coffee and jute).

Prof. Surender Singh Siwach

  • Professor And Dean

HOD Message

Several agricultural revolutions (green, white, blue, yellow etc.) have changed the status of India from food importing to food exporting (surplus state). We feel proud to be at world no.1 or no. 2 for several agricultural produces. Agriculture (2018) employed more than 50% of Indian work force and contributes 17-18% of country’s Gross Domestic Product.

Agriculture with its allied sectors has the potential to provide livelihood/ employment to large number of country’s youth, both in rural and urban areas. Agriculture graduates produced in India are of excellent quality due to rigorous on farm training during their degree programme and are serving at national and international level.

The vision of scientific / precision agriculture in India, the agriculture sector will attract bright and energetic youth who can give wings to their dreams and serve the humanity where it is needed the most.

As we looking for sustainable future of agriculture one thing is certain – knowledge will be a key resource and will be highly sought-after within India and around the world.

Our challenge is to generate ideas that will benefit society and to educate and train people to work in agricultural field where they will be valued for their specialized knowledge and for their proficiency of research, communication and solutions. Our mission is to provide quality education and skills along with research, training and practical experience as per the demand of growing global agricultural environment.