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Corporate Social Responsibility/Social Activities by GLA University

About Us

The history of Udaaan dates backs to summer of 2012. Some contemplative students of Mechanical Engineering of GLA University started Udaaan Aasma Tak, when they saw pitiable condition of children nearby the University. They had a vision to see an educated and enlightened India. After some time more students attached and they started campaigning and conducting regular classes for underprivileged children of slums and villages. They also started education program for uneducated mess workers and sweepers of the University. In June 2016, ‘Udaaan Aasma Tak’ was successfully registered under Act 21, with its head office at Lucknow. At present ‘Udaaan Aasma Tak’ is acting as a successful organization working on different social issues like ‘Child Labour’, Education, Awareness on social issues, Environment Safety, Cleanness and Sanitation etc.

Our Vision

Our belief is that we can transform the society only when our children will have a strong foundation of education. So, our primary focus is to provide quality education to poor families. We aim to be evolved into a social group, which will help the society grow by helping the underprivileged in more general aspects of life.


Our mission is to provide the basic education to underprivileged section of the society, which will ensure that they will get equal opportunities for their growth. We also work in the areas of social awareness like Child Labour, Women Empowerment, Environmental Safety and Cleanliness.


Expanding the reach of our trained individuals by embracing more villages into under our umbrella, from the existing 2 units to 6 units in 3 years and 10 units in 5 years.

Educating more than 1500 students in 3 years and 3000 in 5 years. (250 per unit)

  • Yearning towards achieving 100% literacy rate of people under the age of 20 years,80%literacy rate people below 40 years and 50% literacy rate for people above 40 years in all the villages hosting our branches.
  • Creating a base of at least a thousand trained volunteers in 5 years striving selflessly to achieve our mission.Spreading our morals and ideology by engaging youth through various social media platforms.
  • Emphasising skill development and encouraging small scale business development in at least 3 villages.

Our Approach

  • Prime focus on human values.
  • Imparting Knowledge to live a happy and healthy life.
  • Collaborative efforts to come up with best outcomes.
  • Spirit of Volunteerism
  • Non-Discriminatory
  • Collective Decision Making
  • Decentralized Accountability
  • Mutual Respect
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Prime focus on human values.
  • Prime focus on human values.
  • Non-sectarian, secular, non-political and non-religious.

Projet Taken By U

  • Women Empowerment

    We motivate and promote the girls as well as their family to concentrate on their studies so they can make their future secure and bright. We hold discussion on self-employment methods through audio-visual aids. We also work towards establishment of women owned small scale enterprises.

  • Child Labour

    We raise our voice against child labour and motivate them to complete their study and convince their parents give them knowledge about the importance of their study. We also discuss government schemes and aids which they can get while studying. We also talk about the enrolment of the students and discuss these matters with headmaster of the government school.

  • Educating India

    Even after 70 years of Independence, we are not in a position to give conceptual and value based education to the children of our beloved country. The responsibility lies on all of us to think of Society. We impart education to the underprivileged children. Currently now we are teaching the kids of village at GLA University and at Fariha Unit.

  • Clean India

    Time and again we conduct awareness program was to motivate people to actively participate in PM Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. People are explained the benefits of a hygienic environment. They are also given knowledge about the three environmental R's that is reduce, reuse and recycle. Also, people are made aware of the effective solid waste management methods.

Cultural Events Hosted So Far

  • Udaaan Fest (UDBHAVA)

    It is a promotional cum fund raising cultural event for every new session in GLA University. It is organised to make the freshers aware of Udaaan and encourage them to actively participate in social work. A plethora of games like Treasure Hunt, Chess, Painting are conducted to increase the confidence and talent among the students.

  • Children's Day

    This event is organized for children on the occasion of Children's Day around 14th of November every year. Underprivileged children show their talent like dancing, singing etc.

    They also enjoy playing athletic games and all of them are gifted and given treat by Udaaan Members.

  • Sankalan

    Udaaan has always believed in democratic values. We honor the view points and suggestions of all our volunteers Sankalan is a not an event, it’s a place where we come together to set our future roadmap seeking feedback from our volunteers. We also try to resolve all the grievances. We all come under the same roof to discuss the strategies and plans for future.

  • Holi Celebration

    The event is organized on the occasion of Holi every year. We along with our teachers celebrate Holi with children and distribute sweets, colors and other playing items to them.

Some other events hosted by us are:-
  • Yoga Day Celebration
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Food campaign