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In Door Games

Indoor games facilities at GLA University are:

  • Badmiton
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Carom

Fitness Centre

All the hostels in the campus, both girls and boys, are equipped with gymnasia and fitness centers. Equipments like treadmill, exercise bikes and the latest health-oriented tools are at the disposal of students and faculty & staff members so that they can benefit from the same.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions are conducted; both for residential students & staff members, thus helping them maintain a healthy mindset. The power of meditation and exercises which have proven their effectiveness are taught and practiced during these sessions thus benefitting the participants. These sessions have been well received by one and all whosoever has been a participant.


The sports department makes sure that all the latest and top-of-the-line equipment are made available to those having interest in the various sports-related activities as offered by the university. These equipments are all of top-notch quality and bear the same standards as those offered by the best of the best in the market. The students request, from time to time, additions in the repertoire of sports-related goods and they are fulfilled by the university.