Anti Ragging Committee

Admission Query

As approved by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor the Anti-Ragging Committee for session 2018-19 is constituted as follows in accordance with the "UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Education Institutions, 2009" communicated by the MHRD.
S. No. Name Designation
1 Prof. A.M. Agrawal Pro Vice-Chancellor and Director Institute of Engg. & Tech.
2 Prof. P. Mishra Director, Institute of Pharmaceutical Research
3 Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta Director, Institute of App. Sc. & Humanities
4 Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh Registrar
5 Prof. Dipak Kumar Das Dean,  Students’ Welfare
6 Prof. Ashish Sharma Chief Proctor
7 Prof. Vinay Kumar Deolia Deputy Chief Proctor & Head, Etx. & Comm. Engg.
8 Prof. Sudhir Kumar Goyal  Head, Civil Engineering
9 Prof. Piyush Singhal Head, Mechanical Engineering 
10 Prof. A.S. Jalal Head, Computer Engineering & Applications
11 Prof. Somesh Dhamija Head, Management Studies (UG)
12 Prof. Vikas Tripathi Head, Management Studies (PG)
13 Prof. Charul Bhatnagar Presiding Officer, ICC
14 Prof. Diwakar Bhardwaj Principal, Polytechnic
15 Prof. Kavita Varma Principal B.Ed.
16 Prof. Kamal Sharma Proctor, ME 
17 Prof. Anuj Vijay Proctor, CE & B. Tech. I Year
18 Dr. Sanjay Maurya Proctor, EN 
19 Mr. Ajitesh Kumar Proctor, CEA
20 Dr. Kamal Shah Proctor, IPR
21 Mr. Aashish Jaiswal Proctor, Polytechnic
22 Ms. Shalini Agrawal Warden, Girls Hostel
23 Mr. Jagannath Poddar Director, Friends of Vrindavan NGO
24 Mr. Mahesh Varshney Bureau Chief, DLA, Mathura
25 Dr. Manjul Dwivedi Guardian of the student
26 Mr. Rajesh Rajpal Guardian of the student
27 Nomination awaited Representation from Civil Administration
28 Nomination awaited Representation from Police Administration
29 Ms. Shivangi Bhardwaj Student, MBA I year 
30 Ms. Vartika Daver Student, MBA II year
31 Mr. Kaushalesh Kumar Varshney Student, MCA III year
32 Mr. Pranjul Agarwal Student, B. Pharm. IV year
33 Mr. Vaibhav Jindal Student, B. Tech. EC IV year
34 Mr. Rahul Singh Student, B. Tech. ME-III year
35 Mr. Yash Tripathi Student, B. Tech., CS-IV year
36 Mr. Shubham Dhamija Student, BBA (H) II year
37 Ms. Taneja Rashi Vikas Student, BBA (H) III year
38 Mr. Sanket Sharma Student M. Tech. II year
39 Mr. Sarvagya Kumar Mishra Student B. Tech. ME, III year
40 Ms. Pragati Gupta Student B. Tech. CSE, III year
41 Mr. Mukul Pal Student Diploma – II year, CE
42 Mr. Mradul Agrawal Student Diploma – II year, ME
(A.K. Singh)

GLAU/RO/Anti Ragging Committee/ Notice/7183
Copy to:
1.    PS to Hon’ble Chancellor Sir for kind information of Hon’ble Chancellor Sir
2.    PS to Vice Chancellor Sir for kind information of Vice Chancellor Sir
3.    PS to Hon’ble District Magistrate- Mathura for kind information & with request for nomination of one representative from civil administration.
4.    PS to Hon’ble Senior Superintendent Police- Mathura for kind information & with request for nomination of one representative from Police administration.
5.   All Concerned members.