M.Sc (Chemistry)

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M.Sc. Chemistry is 2-year career-oriented postgraduate course which comprises a broad variety of modules in chemistry from among which students can choose to specialize in any. The course consists of advanced lessons in Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Polymer Sciences, and such.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1. Afford a broad foundation in chemistry that stresses scientific reasoning and analytical problem solving with a molecular perspective.

PO2. Create an awareness of the impact of chemistry on the environment, society, and development outside the scientific community.

PO3. Inculcate the scientific temperament in the students and outside the scientific community.

PO4. Understand good laboratory practices and their safety measures.

PO5. Develop research-oriented skills through awareness of handling the sophisticated instruments/equipment’s.

PO6. Solve the problem and also think methodically, independently and draw a logical conclusion.

PO7. Identify chemical formulae and solve numerical problems.

PO8. Find out the green route for chemical reaction for sustainable development.

PO9. Work in the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary areas of chemical sciences and its applications.

PO10. Follow ethical principle and responsibilities of a chemist to serve the society.

PO11. Engage in independent and lifelong learning technological changes and related matters.

PO12. Employ critical thinking and the scientific knowledge to design, carry out, record and analyze the results of chemical reactions.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: Exploit the laboratory skills and safely to transfer and interpret knowledge entirely in the working environment in industries.

PSO2: Demonstrate, solve and an understanding of major concepts in all disciplines of chemistry.

PSO3: Get exposures of a breadth of experimental techniques using modern instrumentation

PSO4: Find out the green route for chemical reaction for sustainable development.



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Career Prospect

There is a wide scope for M.Sc. Chemistry post-graduates in Pharmaceutical companies, Research Centers, Laboratories, Medical Colleges, etc. The average salary earned by such post graduates ranges between INR 5 to 7 Lacs. Major profiles that M.Sc. Chemistry professionals are hired for are:

  • Teacher
  • Online Tutor
  • Synthetic Lab Scientist
  • Content Developer
  • Research Officer (Chemistry/ Biochemistry)
  • Solid State Chemistry Expert
  • Application Specialist – Analytical Chemistry
  • Duration

    2 years
  • Course Fee

    1st Year : 51,000/- INR
    2nd Year : 52,000/- INR

  • Eligibility

    Passed B Sc OR Equivalent Degree (with Chemistry) with at least 50% Marks

  • Admission Process

    • On the basis of performance in GLAET (An online MCQ test of 60 minutes.)



  • 500

    MNCs with salary packages ranging from 4.5 to 44 lakhs PA(batch 2022) and still counting...

  • 3000

    Placements offers (batch 2022) & still counting...

  • 76

    Average placement over the last 10 years

  • 44

    Highest package offered