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Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology started in 2007 with a vision to impart quality education in the field of Biotechnology and Allied Sciences. The department offers three year graduate program in Biotechnology (BSc Honors).

The Course curriculum of the programs designed to impart education and training in the frontier areas of Biotechnology with optimum blend of courses in Basic Science and Technology including applied subjects. Postgraduate programs (M.Sc Biotechnology; and Microbiology & Immunology) are supported by strong input of Research and Industrial orientation. Department also offers doctoral programs leading to PhD degree in different areas of Biotechnology, such as- Plant biology, Animal and Fisheries sciences and Zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted from animals to human population).

Department has all the necessary infrastructure- six dedicated laboratories in the fields of Microbiology, Biotechnology, Chemical sciences, Bio-informatics and Computer Sciences, Botany and Advance Research, equipments related to these fields, human resource etc. All the faculty members of the department either hold Ph.D., degree or on the verge of completing their PhD. The faculty are adequately skilled and experienced to undertake advanced research in their domain and deliver effective pedagogy to the students. The Department is truly ‘Student Centric’ and besides imparting education in core area of Biotechnology provides optimum exposure in other areas of human developments such as- Language classes, Personality development (aptitude, soft skills and communication skills), sports, etc., for the all round development of both mental and physical faculties of our students. view more

Prof. (Dr.) Shoor Vir Singh

  • Head of Department
  • Department of Biotechnology

HOD Message

Biotechnology is one of the most important disciplines which help to take advantage of 'Biological Sciences', by developing 'Technologies' for the benefit of human civilization on and beyond earth. Therefore, it is considered as 'future science' of the 21st century which has capacity to solve the present day problems not only faced by human beings but also in the field of plants, animals and fishery sciences. New state of the art and cutting-edge technologies are capable to imbibe richness and tackle hurdles to achieve progress. Biotechnology has strength of improving production, environment friendly products from plants, animals and microorganism; producing cost effective new pharmaceuticals; developing efficient disease diagnostics and therapeutic regimens; improved and effective criminal investigation methods; and in mitigation of environment.

Considering the importance of Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology was established in 2007 under the able and astute leadership of highly experienced and acclaimed Professor, Dr Ashok Kumar Bhatia, in the field of Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology, with the UG program in B.Sc. Biotechnology (Honours), to set a benchmark in the field of Biotechnology, education and research in the land of Lord Krishna. PG program: M.Sc. Biotechnology was started in 2011 and M.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology in 2014. PG courses came into existence with the aim to establish the department as the center of academic excellence and imparting world-class quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University.

Teaching methodologies and training techniques adopted by the department aim at laying a strong foundation for the students. We believe in a balanced approach between theoretical and practical exposure of students and two should be combined with a professional touch. In this era of competition, degree as well as the exposure to different industrial operations is essential to make students aligned to better career and better prospects. University is making all out efforts for the better placement of the our students by attracting reputed companies in the field of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences.

The department has well-equipped infrastructure, with ready access for students, to fulfil their needs. Department has qualified faculty which regularly infuse industry experience into their teaching methodology with the help of most advanced educational tools to meet the global standards of today’s world.

The department started much awaited Ph.D. programs in the fields of Biotechnology and Microbiology in order to conduct research in the frontier area of biological sciences and also as per the needs and interests of the researchers. Department has 'work and students friendly research environment' supported by excellent laboratory infrastructure, which is continuously up-graded and presently substantial improvements have been done with support of the university. GLA is re-orienting its mandate with emphasis on innovation, technology development through 'Research and Development' (R & D) approach. To achieve these objectives, the department has signed MoUs for collaborative research and student exchange programs with several other universities and institutions of National and International acclaim (ICMR_JALMA, Agra; ICAR_CIRG, Mathura; ICAR_NRC_Equines & VTCC, Hisar, BHU, Varanasi; Ayurvet pvt., ltd, New Delhi and many more are in the pipe-line. Project grants from DBT, New Delhi and Ministry of AYUSH has been sanctioned and several new projects submitted to different agencies in collaboration with other institutions.

Efforts are being made to establish a 'Centre of Excellence' for testing of microbial pathogen especially chronic, incurable and drug resistant infections of both human beings and animals and also to mitigate these health problems, develop strategies for control through new drug molecules of plant origin or through vaccination. Department is also providing consultancy services for the diagnosis of Mycobacterium avvium subspecies paratuberculosis infection of animals and human beings leading to chronic granulomatous enteritis in animals or health disorders of auto-immune nature (IBD, CD, UC, IBS, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes Type 1 and 2 etc.) in human population.

Department has capacity to provide solution to the mega problem of cows roaming on the roads by bringing them back into production, thereby solving many problems of good, safe and healthy food and of chronically sick cows, the dream of the country presently at highest priority.

Department also conducts personality development program regularly to ensure that students take an active part in activities such as seminars, presentations, group discussions, extracurricular activities, sports etc. We honestly feel that we may add values to student’s life which possibly will equip them to circumvent the adversities in their future life through our focus on all round development of our dear students.




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