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Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) at GLA University

GLA University, Mathura aims to develop an environment free from sexual and gender-based harassment, bullying, discrimination, and maltreatment for both work and education. This committee aims to establish a gender inclusive culture on campus and places a strong emphasis on gender sensitization as well as an equitable, responsible, and demonstrative process to resolve and redressal the cases of sexual harassment complaints. The values of free speech and unfettered inquiry are important to the university. But sexual harassment is never an exercise of the right to free speech or academic freedom. It also undermines the principles of equality and the dignity of each and every one of the university's members, undermining the university's integrity and its traditions of intellectual freedom. It is expected that all employees, including contract and part-time personnel, faculty, and students, shall show respect to each other and to guests of the university. The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) policy is applicable to everyone within the University community, including temporary or short-term employees and campus guests. Violations of this policy will result in consequences and it is responsible for promoting and enforcing this policy.

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