CSED – Industry 4.0 Facility

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GLA University in collaboration with Dysmech Competency Services (DCS) has set up the Center for Skill and Entrepreneur Development (CSED) a functional industry inside a campus wherein students will be exposed to the industry ecosystem with project-based learning program.

CSED at GLAU is working on skill development as an industry partner to bridge the gap. We call it Industry inside an Institute.

Value for Students

  • Industry Ready Engineer With Experience of  1 To 2  Years
  • Students Would Get To Work on Industrial Problem Statements.
  • Domain Expertise.
  • Provide Platform For Publications, Patents And Industry Sponsored Projects
  • Students Would Be Preferred For Lateral Hiring Against The Fresh Hiring.
  • Opportunities To Attend Seminars By Industry Experts
  • CSED will Invite Campus Interviews & Improve Employability.
  • Assistance In Post Graduation
  • Assistance For Internship

Value for Start-Ups

  • Provide Incubation For Startups.
  • Provide Experience On Live Projects Before Starting The Journey Of Entrepreneurship.
  • Provide Complete Ecosystem i.e. Office Space, Technology, Equipment’s For Two Years.
  • Provide Clear Direction and Go To Market Strategy.
  • Provide The Technical And Business Skills Required To Be A Sustainable Entrepreneur.
  • Provide Expert Consultancy.

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