CSED – Industry 4.0 Facility

The rise of new industrial technology, known as industry 4.0 is a transformation that makes it possible to gather, and analyze data across machines, enabling faster, more flexible and efficient processes to produce better – quality goods at reduced cost. This manufacturing revolution will increase productivity, shift economics, faster industrial growth, and modify the profile of the workforce – ultimately making the organization adaptive as per the current technological needs. 

GLA University is keen and committed to promote Skill & Entrepreneurship Development initiatives in Industry 4.0 domain with Dysmech Competency Services Pvt. Ltd. (DCS) as system Integrator and Dassault System, Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) & Mastercam as technology Providers..

CSED is the “Industry inside the institute” where latest Industry 4.0 technological skills like IoT, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are being imparted using experiential project based learning model. CSED is equipped with industrial level technologies like PTC ThinkWorx platform, Dassault system’s CATIA and Mastercam CAD/CAM. Machining department hosts industrial level machines like Robotic Arms, 4Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center, 3D Router, Rapid Prototyping Machine, Blue Light 3D Scanner, Conventional Lathe, Spot Welding Machine, CO2 Welding Machine, M1TR, Surface Grinding Machine, 300 Ton Hydraulic Deep Draw Press.

CSED technology provider:

  • Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) provides ThingWorx Platform, a complete end-to-end technology platform designed for the IIoT.
  • Mastercam Inc. a computer-aided manufacturing software, letsengineerto design and simulate parts virtually on a computer screen before its guidance to CNC/VMC machine tools during their manufacturing.
  • Dassault System provides us a 3D vision software CATIA that supports industrial processes by visualizing product entire lifecycle from conception to maintenance.

CSED at GLAU is working on skill development as an industry partner to bridge the gap. We call it Industry inside an Institute.

Pushkar Sharma
Associate Director

CSED is a place where the finest consulting practice on skill & entrepreneurship development is executed, coming out with experiential learning and giving a completely different direction on the way skill development needs to be addressed in India.

CSED is developing a skill warehouse with a cross matrix to serve industries from the IT, Manufacturing, and Aerospace domains. CSED is a unique concept of setting up an "Industry within the Institute", which acts as an 'Experience Center.

We aim at skill up-gradation and capacity building for the next-generation technologies of Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. After undergoing this skill up-gradation program, students will no longer be considered fresher but will be eligible for lateral hiring as experienced professionals.

Deepak Sharma
Centre Head

Here at CSED, we have a well-equipped in-house dedicated centre of excellence in smart manufacturing and IIoT, where students can work relentlessly in amplifying their skill sets.

We strive to equip students with the latest technologies related to industry 4.0.

In the era of dynamic technological change, we aspire to help students to develop a problem-solving attitude. CSED Incubation Centre will help young entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the marketplace.

We are providing them with a real taste and exposure to industrial problems and their solutions.

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