Grievance Redressal Mechanism

University has grievance redressal mechanism which is easily & conveniently approachable through e-mail anybody can register his/her grievance/s at anytime from anywhere or anybody can personally approach to any member of grievance committee with his/her written application of grievance/s.

Members of grievance redressal committee

Dr. BRK Gupta Head Physics Dept
Dr. Charul Bhatnagar Computer Engg. & Applications Dept.
Dr. Pooja Pathak Computer Engg. & Applications Dept.
Mr. Vijay Kumar Dwivedi Mech. Engg. Dept.
Mr. Abhay Chaturvedi Electronic & communication
Mr Anant Ram Computer Engg. & Applications Dept.
Dr. Aruna Dhamija Institute of Business Management.
Dr. Jitender Gupta Instituteof Pharmaceutical Research
Mr. Subhash Chandra Electrical Engg. Dept.
Mr. Raisual Islam Civil Engg. Dept.


Review the grievance/s received through mail. Address immediately grievances which require immediate attention. Meetings of grievance committee should be conducted at least two times in a semester and management must be appraised time and again regarding the redressal of the grievances. Records of meeting of grievance redressal committee/ the addressed grievances must be maintained.