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Student Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC)

University has grievance redressal mechanism which is easily & conveniently approachable through e-mail: anybody can register his/her grievance/s at anytime from anywhere or anybody can personally approach to any member of grievance committee with his/her written application of grievance/s.

Members of grievance redressal committee
Prof. Deepak Kumar Das, Professor Chemistry ChairPerson
Prof. Somesh Dhamija, Professor Business Management Member
Prof. Anjana Goel, Professor Biotechnology Member
Prof. Sujit Kumar Verma, Professor Mechanical Engineering Member
Dr. HImanshu Sharma, Associate Professor Computer Science & Engineering Member
Mr. Kishlay Chauhan Student Special Invitee


Review the grievance/s received through mail. Address immediately grievances which require immediate attention. Meetings of grievance committee should be conducted at least two times in a semester and management must be appraised time and again regarding the redressal of the grievances. Records of meeting of grievance redressal committee/ the addressed grievances must be maintained.