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About India

The name India is derived from Indus, which originates from the Old Persian word Hindush, equivalent to the Sanskrit word Sindhu. India (Bharat), also known as the Republic of India. It is the seventh-largest country by area. With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, it is the second most populous country and the most populous democracy in the world.

The Indian subcontinent was home to the urban Indus Valley Civilisation of the 3rd millennium BCE. India’s government is a federal parliamentary constitutional republic. India has a President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the House and Chief Justice. The last recorded GDP of India is 3.18 lakh crores USD (Year 2021), which makes it 5th largest economy in the world.

India’s army is the third largest in the world, and they have been ranked as the seventh-best army in the world. The country has 28 states and 8 territories and is home to many different cultures and ethnic groups. Over 850 languages are spoken in India on a daily basis, and there are over 1600 languages total that is known in the country. India is home to all of the major world religions.

Every major world religion is practised in the country, bringing diversity to the country. There are six recognized weather seasons in India: summer, fall, winter, spring, summer monsoon, and winter monsoon. India is home to the 7th world wonder- The Taj Mahal, The Taj Mahal in India was built by a Mughal Emperor in the sixteenth century.

In India, Diwali and Holi are the largest festivals. Diwali is a festival that is celebrated every year. It signifies the beginning of the new Hindu year and is also known as the festival of lights. For five days each year, Hindus light candles, and lamps, and set off fireworks to represent how good has succeeded over evil. While Holi is also celebrated as the victory of good over evil. It is a two-day festival that is colloquially known as the Festival of Colours. During Holi, people throw colours at each other.

India signifies the ’UNITY IN DIVERSITY’ impeccably. It is a country known for its rich culture, heritage, multilingual people, etc.