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Department of Computer Engineering & Applications

The ubiquity of information technology and computer power can be applied in many areas ranging from industrial production to everyday chores. Therefore, it is essential to develop better understanding and design methodologies for large scale pervasive systems for various domains, particularly to meet the societal requirements and challenges.

The ever-growing usage of computer systems in a wide range of fields has generated a large demand of computer professionals. India is one of the leading exporters of IT talent and Indian Computer Engineers have played a major role in the growth and development of IT sector across the globe. According to NASSCOM, the Indian IT exports are expected to expand to the tune of US$ 192 billion by 2026 and the domestic sector will account for US$ 50 billion in terms of earnings. In order to produce globally acceptable competent engineers and professionals, the Department of Computer Engineering and Applications at GLA University offers various programs at both under graduate and post graduate level. All the programs feature a combination of theoretical and practical elements in order to provide the students a platform to correlate the learning. In addition, guest lectures and talks by eminent persons from industry and academia are frequently arranged to keep the students abreast with the latest technologies.

The students are encouraged to develop a wide range of hardware and software based real time projects, knowledge and skills in various areas of Computer Applications. They are encouraged to be creative, inquisitive, analytical, and detail oriented. Thrust is given to cultivate the ability to work in a team and to communicate well among the students. In order to promote research, the University provides scholarship to M. Tech. and Ph.D. scholars based on merit. Moreover, AICTE has also sanctioned scholarship for GATE qualified candidates of the department for M. Tech. program.

Dr. Rohit Agrawal

  • Associate Head of Department
  • Department of Computer Engineering & Applications

HOD Message

Welcome to the Department of Computer Engineering & Applications at the GLA University. In this Department we believe in Thinking, Innovation and Creativity and create future computer engineers, IT professionals and responsible citizens to serve the growing needs of computing in the society. The CEA Department since its inception in 1998 has been continuously fostering for academic excellence through industry academy collaboration especially integrating industry demands of computing skills in the core curriculum. Our degrees are available in a variety of forms to suit the needs of our students and many careers available in industry. The Department offers six Undergraduate programs, two Postgraduate Programs and Doctoral program, which are upgraded regularly to reflect current developments in computer science. Our graduates are exceptionally employable and have been placed in diverse sectors and now working at senior positions around the world for last two decades. The Department also conducted excellent research, documented in a large number of publications in international journals and conferences of repute.

We have a Departmental Computer Society – ABACUS. It is managed entirely by the students, who organize various events. We also have the Student Branch of Computer Society of India, IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter, IEEE Women in Engineering Student Affinity Group and IEEE Industry Application Society Student Branch Chapter. The Department also plays a key role in running CSI, Mathura Chapter. These societies facilitate research, knowledge sharing and learning for all categories of Professionals.

The Department always looks forward to a healthy and productive interaction with the industry. To promote and accelerate the research activities in the Department, currently, we have four research groups, working in the areas of Image Processing and Computer Vision, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Big Data, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Information Security, Software Engineering and Cloud Computing.






The purpose of developing the project is photography from angles that a human may find difficult to reach. The low height is an advantage for capturing low level shots.

  • 22-06-2020

    Voice Automation System

    The Voice Automation System-is designed to work on three different languages namely English, Hindi, and Bengali. 

  • 22-06-2020

    The Network Stallion

    Objective behind the proposed project is to convert a Raspberry Pi into a hacking arsenal by leveraging the most popular open source penetration toolset Kali Linux.

  • 22-06-2020

    A.I.M (Artificial Intelligent Mirror)

    To develop an AI based mirror that is capable of taking input in form of Audio commands and giving output on basis of trained model set.

  • 22-06-2020

    Web Trend Analyzer

    To display user personal feed data on a single page. Data extracted from various news resources according to user’s personalized choices.


The Department of Computer Engineering and Applications boasts of with a number of Computer Laboratories where the students get a hands-on experience on various emerging technologies, platforms, languages and computing devices. These labs are equipped with the contemporary, ultra modern software & hardware. All the computers are connected campus wide networking through LAN-WAN. A big number of dedicated servers manage it. Internet connectivity of the entire University campus is managed by the Department itself.

The Internet facility is available on the computers in the University, hostels and faculty residences through 1Gbps bandwidth from BSNL under NKN and 155 Mbps from UP Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Software Development Cell

The GLA ERP CENTRE (GLAMS) provides a long-term commitment than the integrated and specialized software solution for students, faculty, and staff with highly effective tools to help them support and improvise on learning, discovery, and engagement.

Department: GLA ERP CENTRE

Mr. Anshy Singh

Head-ERP Centre,
Assistant Professor

Qualification: Master of Technology(CSE)

Mr. Hemanta Kuiry

Software Engineer

Qualification:Master of Computer Applications

Mr. Adesh Kumar Upadhyay

Software Engineer

Qualification:Master of Computer Applications

Ms. Ankita Srivastava

Software Engineer

Qualification: Master of Computer Applications

Mr. Ashish Sharma

Software Engineer

Qualification: Bachelor of technology (CSE)