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Department of Computer Engineering & Applications


At CEA department, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That's why our programs not only emphasize the fundamentals but also delve into emerging technologies, preparing our students to be at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements.

Recent trends such as artificial intelligence, data science, and cybersecurity are reshaping the digital frontier, and our curriculum is meticulously designed to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in these transformative times.



To attain global acclaim as a premier institution, our school is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, and research. We aspire to cultivate future Computer Science professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who drive sustainable growth in society and industry.


Cultivate practical computational skills with hands-on, outcome-driven learning. Establish a robust industry connection through technology driven curricula.Build infrastructure for impactful research on societal issues, nurturing future leaders through research-infused education and lifelong learning


Scope Success isn’t really that difficult. There is a significant portion of the population.

  • High Demand in IT The global integration of digital solutions is fueling an unprecedented demand for skilled IT professionals.
  • Lakhs of Job Opportunities Industry reports project the creation of millions of new jobs in the IT, highlighting the vast career opportunities for CS graduate.
  • Soft Skills Development Beyond academics, we focus on developing critical soft skills, teamwork, and communication—attributes that set our graduates apart in the competitive IT industry
  • Holistic Learning Environment Engage in hands-on projects, internships, and collaborative research to seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application


“Leadership and respect, especially in education, is earned and cannot just be commanded”

Welcome to the Department of Computer Engineering and Application at GLA University, a hub of innovation and academic excellence. Our commitment to education aligns with the vision of our esteemed Founder & Chancellor, who believes that Computer Science empower individuals to be active explorers, creators, and contributors shaping the future. Our extensive collaboration with over 100 of the best universities, both national and international, and over 60 corporate entities enhances our academic research programs, offering students a global and industry-relevent skills.

Looking forward to co-creating the future of technology with you!

Dr. Ashok Bhansali

  • Prof & Dean
  • Department of Computer Engineering & Applications

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The purpose of developing the project is photography from angles that a human may find difficult to reach. The low height is an advantage for capturing low level shots.

  • 22-06-2020

    Web Trend Analyzer

    To display user personal feed data on a single page. Data extracted from various news resources according to user’s personalized choices.

  • 27-02-2024

    Vehicle Safety Alert System

    We have seen much news of accidents caused due to drunk and drive. 

  • 27-02-2024

    Real Time Gas Leakage Detector

    Identify the gas leakage detection in homes/hospitals & send an SMS alert along with  location to the management, nearest fire station.

  • 27-02-2024

    Flood Detection & Alert System

    Save lives & prevent flood detection by an alert SMS when there is water overflow


The Department of Computer Engineering and Applications boasts of with a number of Computer Laboratories where the students get a hands-on experience on various emerging technologies, platforms, languages and computing devices. These labs are equipped with the contemporary, ultra modern software & hardware. All the computers are connected campus wide networking through LAN-WAN. A big number of dedicated servers manage it. Internet connectivity of the entire University campus is managed by the Department itself.

The Internet facility is available on the computers in the University, hostels and faculty residences through 1Gbps bandwidth from BSNL under NKN and 155 Mbps from UP Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Software Development Cell

The GLA ERP CENTRE (GLAMS) provides a long-term commitment than the integrated and specialized software solution for students, faculty, and staff with highly effective tools to help them support and improvise on learning, discovery, and engagement.

Department: GLA ERP CENTRE

Mr. Anshy Singh

Head-ERP Centre,
Assistant Professor

Qualification: Master of Technology(CSE)

Mr. Hemanta Kuiry

Software Engineer

Qualification:Master of Computer Applications

Mr. Adesh Kumar Upadhyay

Software Engineer

Qualification:Master of Computer Applications

Ms. Ankita Srivastava

Software Engineer

Qualification: Master of Computer Applications

Mr. Ashish Sharma

Software Engineer

Qualification: Bachelor of technology (CSE)