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Web Trend Analyzer

Objective: To display user personal feed data on a single page. Data extracted from various news resources according to user’s personalized choices. All the data is to be extracted from Google News with using No api. The best suitable method is to develop a chrome extension that would be able to perform all the mentioned task.

Hardware Requirements
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Any processor, Hard disk drive-40 GB
Software Requirements:
  • Windows8/8.1/10
  • Google Chrome v45 or later

Abstract: TrendPUP is a personal news aggregator that works entirely on client side by crawling webpages in real time in background. To achieve this a javascript/jQuery based crawler was designed to work on the Google Chrome platform.

TrendPUP takes users interests and build a custom newsfeed in real time and aggregates new stories from various sources by running a client side crawler. All of the user’s settings including his/her interests are synced to the cloud so that the user can get his/her personalised stories anywhere in the world via TrendPUP.

TrendPUP uses Firebase to authenticate and store user data and relies on Google Chrome’s OAuth 2.0 api. TrendPUP uses Google Chrome’s extension APIs to pass messages from eventpages (background persistent page) to the main HTML page (News Feed).