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Faculty of Education aims at preparing dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled, creative and disciplined school teachers for the Indian school system who can perform complex duties. The duties may range from effective classroom teaching to molding the value system of students and undertaking administrative responsibilities with devotion and commitment.

It thus prepares teacher educators and researchers to play a leading role in their profession. Teaching is not a profession, it’s a passion. Passion to uphold wisdom over mere knowledge, humility over arrogance, curiosity over ignorance and most important excellence over mediocrity. Teacher’s work is one of the most demanding in nature. These demands need to be upheld by training teachers correctly and adequately.

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Education is drawing out the best in human - brain, soul, and spirit, it infers the advancement of the 3'H's Head, Heart, and Hand. The primary capacity of training is to protect the social legacy and instructive qualities. For this, teachers should do their moral obligations. Therefore, Teacher Education courses should go for preparing the body, psyche, and soul.

I trust that that alongside expert information and aptitude, the most vital is proficient demeanor. Here is a foundation which endeavors earnest to teach the students to standpoint among its understudies, in their significant developmental years amidst which their identity movement takes a sensible shape. Together, we mean to make proficient, submitted and ground-breaking teachers in our institution by providing quality educator training.

The learning environment in the foundation causes the understudy to improve by a variety of scholastic, co-curricular and curricular contributions to the type of center work on instructing reenactment educating, course, instructional exercises, workshops, investigate venture interface Temporary position and ICT preparing and so forth. The primary goal of training, for example, all-round advancement of understudy's identity must be unsafely accomplished through the amazing institutional infrastructural and specialized offices by qualified and productive staff individuals.

Teachers play a very significant role in educating our future generations. GLA Faculty of Education ensures complete transformation of pupil-teacher into full-fledged effective and dedicated teachers who are ready to take responsibility of our future generation, nurturing and grooming them to become responsible global citizens. The pervasive rich learning condition at the University grounds encourage broad and comprehensive changes to the students of B.Ed. We are living in a quickly evolving world, an evolving society, advancing at a running pace; effect of science, logical research, mechanical improvement, globalization on our day by day life is dynamic and unavoidable. All things considered changes in the course substance, system and procedures of educating are unavoidable on the off chance that we need to keep pace with the changing patterns of life. Therefore, we are concentrating on effective and most recent procedures to train our pupil-teachers.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you at Faculty of Education, which is the best among all the B.Ed. institutions in Uttar Pradesh. It is my honest appeal to you all to make optimum use of such golden opportunity to become a teacher in its true sense. I am sure that you all will achieve success in the endeavor.

  • Prof. (Dr.) Kavita Varma
  • Principal 
  • Faculty of Education





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