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Accademic Success Center GLA University, Mathura

“The Future belongs to those who can be trained and retrained again and again.” (Daniel Burns).

Role of higher education teachers has become diversified: teacher, curriculum developer and researcher. Except all these, a teacher has to perform as a counsellor, administrator, policy makers and so on. But professional development, including professional attitude, aptitude etc. are very much needed in discharging the different types of supposed responsibilities. Thus, to be an efficient higher education teacher one should has a need to develop professional competency through available efficient and effective means. Then only the whole higher education system would be productive one and could assist the growth and development of the nation.

ASC’s main philosophy is to keep in mind that teacher is central to the system. While it is universally accepted that teacher is the pivot of the educational system. It is, therefore, necessary to develop inbuilt mechanisms to provide opportunities for teachers within the framework of knowledge society.The ASC provides opportunities for academicians to develop skills that promote success, practice leadership, and become self-directed learners through the delivery of centralized, high-quality academic support services that are responsive to the needs of campus community.Our Centre strive continuously to achieve academic excellence through its programs-committed to preserving & enhancing the core values of the teaching profession.ASC organizes advanced level and more discipline FDPs, Workshops, Seminars and PDPs, for capacity enhancement and continuous knowledge up-gradation and exposure to emerging developments of faculty to utilize fast growing Information and Communication Technology support to teaching and research in higher Education. Through our programs, we equip the teachers with necessary skills to meet the ever mounting challenges of higher education and inculcate in them the pride of belonging to this noble profession and become role models for generations to come.

Kavita Varma

Prof. Kavita Varma

ASC Director

Himani Singh

Dr. Himani Singh

ASC Assistant Director