International Scholarship

The University grants scholarships to the deserving and eligible candidate with excellent academic achievement. Scholarships are subject to marks / grades scored in last mandatory eligible examination for the course opted by the student (i.e. Class 10th for 3 years Diploma Programs , 10+2 for Bachelor Programs and Graduation for Post  Graduate Programs)
Upto 50% * on 90% and above Upto 40% * on 80% to 89.99%
Upto 30% * on 75 % to 79.99% Upto 20 %* on 70 % to 74.99%
(* Refer to the Admission Prospectus for more details)

Scholarship amount is applicable on Academic Fees only. Only one scholarship will be applicable for an Academic Year. Pointer system to be maintain for availing Scholarships for subsequent years.