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Sports Overview

GLA University firmly believes in the saying, ‘In a healthy body resides a healthy mind’. Sports get their due in the university in such a way that faculty, staff members as well as students take active participation in the activities which are organized in the university round-the-year. National-level players serve as coaches for various sports. Each sport has got dedicated staff and amenities. The events which are earmarked for sports dot the academic calendar of the university be it national level, inter college, inter school or other inter and intra departmental activities. There is never a dull moment in the campus of the university thanks to the vibrant sports culture which is as much part of the student’s life as is the academic pursuit. Students are encouraged to participate in activities so that they could hone their sportsmanship as well as develop the spirit with which game ought to be played. They participate in sports activities in various famed institutions across the length and breadth of the country. Overall, the sports department is committed for the physical well being of the student fraternity because we firmly believe that a student who possesses a sound physique is the one who would ace all the competitions in life!

Sporting Excellence

The University boasts of some of the latest equipment and state-of-the-art on-campus infrastructure which is the pre-requisite for developing a healthy competitive spirit in the students. The playing fields, courts and arenas dot the entire university and there is not a place in the university where one couldn’t find the buzz which surround sports. Such is the dedication towards promoting the cause of physical activity among the students that the sports officer, along with the coaches, keep on motivating even those students who initially are a bit reluctant to be a part of the sports culture but soon they are convinced to realize the significance which sports can play in one’s life. The discipline, hard-work and team-skills which accompany any sport are held at the highest level in the university and precisely for this reason the various sports teams of the university have brought accolades from other institutions from time to time. The campus has dedicated spaces for all major outdoor games such as football, cricket, hockey, badminton, basket ball, volley ball, athletics. Apart from it, indoor games are also promoted with much enthusiasm and such eternal favorites as carom, chess, table tennis have their own fan following equally among the students as well as the staff. The university regularly organizes such events which provide an opportunity not only to the students but also to the staff and faculty members to unwind from the rigors of academics.