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Dr. Pradeep Kumar Choudhary

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Choudhary

  • Associate Professor
    Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities
  • Department

    Department of Biotechnology
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    Contact Number :9012423746

  • Experience

    14 Years

  • Qualifications

    • 2017 PhD (Biotechnology) GLA University, Mathura
    • 2008 M.Tech (Biotechnology) Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, India.
    • 2004 M.Sc. in Biochemistry, Dr. R.M.L. AvadhUniversity Faizabad U.P. india
    • 2001 Bachelor of Science (Botany and Chemistry) D.D.U.Gorakhpur University,U.P.
  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

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  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

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Research Publications

  • 01 Alok Bharadwaj, Vishal Khandelwal, Pradeep Choudhary & A.K.Bhatia Comparative studies of organic enrichers in the improvement of physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics of saline/usar soils. Accepted for publication in 2011 in Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, Volume 3, Issue 6, releasing on 30/11/2011.
  • 02 Vishal Khandelwal, A. K. Bhatia , Anjana Goel , Pradeep Choudhary and Rakesh Goel, Studies of Anthocephalus cadamba leaf extract on haematological and biochemical parameters of albino rats, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2015, 7(6):765-771
  • 03 V. Khandelwal, P Choudhary, A Goel, AK Bhatia, Immunomodulatory activity of hot aqueous extract of Anthocephalus cadamba leaves in albino rats, Advances in Bioresearch 7 (4), 203-206
  • 04 Pradeep Kumar Choudhary,Ashok Kumar Bhatia and Anjana Goel ,Efficacy of Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activity of Solanum Xantocarpum Whole Plant hot Aqueous Extracts, Journal of pure and applied microbiology (2016/6),10,2,1403-1408
  • 05 Pradeep Kumar Choudhary,Ashok Kumar Bhatia and Anjana Goel ,Efficacy of Aqueous Extract of Solanum xanthocarpum on Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of wistar albino rat, Advances in Bioresearch, 2016/5,7,3,155-161
  • 06 Pradeep kumar choudhary, Vishal Khandelwal,Ashok kumar Bhatia, Comparative efficacy of MIRU-VNTR and IS 6110-RFLP for differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates, International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences, 2016/4/30,5,4 198-202
  • 07 Pradeep Choudhary, Vishal Khandelwal and Ashok kumar Bhatia, Effects of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Callus Induction of Banana under Salt Stress Condition, International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research,Vol 5,(4) (2018), 1015-1018
  • 08 Khandelwal V, Choudhary PK, Goel A, Bhatia AK, Pant al Cytokines modulating potential of Neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.) Bosser. Indian J Traditional Knowledge 18 (1) (2019),88-93 Impact Factor 1.03
  • 09 V. Khandelwal, P.K. Choudhary, A. Goel, A.K. Bhatia, K. Gururaj, S. Gupta Immunomodulatory activity of neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.) bosser with reference to IL-2 induction,Indian journal of traditional knowledge 07/2018; 17(3):451-459. Impact Factor 1.03
  • 10 P.K. Chaudhary, V. Khandelwal, S. Gupta, K.K. Chaubey, S.V. singh, A. goel and A.K. Bhatia, "Immunosuppressive and anti-cancer potential of aqueous extract of Solanum Xanthocarpum" Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, Vol.18(3), pp. 451-457, Jul. 2019. Impact Factor 0.93
  • 11 Pradeep Choudhary and Vishal Khandelwal Comparative Efficacy of Zn Supplement and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Over the Seed Germination of Lentil and Chick Pea, Journal of pure and applied Microbiology, 14(1), 673-678 (2020)
  • 12 Vishal Khandelwal & Pradeep Choudhary, Immunomodulating potential of Neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.) Bark extract J. Pure Appl. Microbiol., 14(1), 641-646 | March 2020
  • 13 Pradeep Choudhary and Vishal Khandelwal ,Characterize Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates by Spoligotyping & MIRU-VNTR typing from Gorakhpur District, Adv. Biores., Vol 11 (2) March 2020: 136-140
  • 14 Vishal Khandelwal & Pradeep Choudhary ,Antioxidant and anticancer potential of Neolamarckia cadamba (roxb.) Bark extract, Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences, June - 2020; Volume – 8(3) page 334 – 338
  • 15 Pradeep Choudhary and Vishal Khandelwal, Hepatoprotective potential of aqueous fruit extractof Solanum xanthocarpum against the rifampicin and isoniazid induced liver injury in winstar albino rats, Bull. Env. Pharmacol. Life Sci., Vol 9[4] March 2020 : 45-48
  • 16 Pradeep Choudhary and Vishal Khandelwal ,Comprehensive Phytopharmaceutical overview of Solanum xanthocarpum Bull. Env. Pharmacol. Life Sci., Vol 9[5] April 2020
  • 17 Manju Singh, Saurabh Gupta1, Kundan Kumar Chaubey1, Pravin Kumar Singh1, Vishal Khandelwal, Pradeep Choudhary et al. BIO-SAFETY OF MILK PRODUCTS AND Mycobacterium avium SUBSPECIES paratuberculosis AS MAJOR MICROBIAL CONTAMINANT USING MULTIPLE TESTS INCLUDING CULTURE AND SYBR GREEN REAL-TIME ASSAY, Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences, August - 2020; Volume – 8(4) page 508 – 523.
  • 18 Kundan Kumar Chaubey1, Shoor Vir Singh1*, Pravin Kumar Singh1, Saurabh Gupta1, Vishal Khandelwal1, Pradeep Kumar Choudhary et al. Detection of anti-Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis antibodies in thyroid and type-1 diabetes patients, Indian Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 19, January 2020, pp 49-52
  • 19 Rohit Kumar Sharma, Pradeep Kumar Choudhary and Arun Agarwal, DOUBLED HAPLOID PRODUCTION IN BRASSICA OLERACEA L. : A REVIEW, Plant ArchivesVolume 20 No. 2, 2020 pp. 6293-6300.

List of patents obtained or applied for during last five years

  • 01 "Herbal preparation Antho-boost based on Neolamarckia cadmba conferring its nutraceutical property and process thereof"
    Application no.: 201911028576, Publication date: 26-07-2019
  • 02 "Herbal formulation based on Solanum Xanthocarpum for chronic inflammatory diseases and process thereof"
    Application no.: 201911028577, Publication date: 26-07-2019
  • 03 Herbal formulation of cow dung ash modified powder use as antibacterial, antifungal and oxygen scarcity environment and their process off
    Application no.: 202011027116 A, Publication date: 07/08/2020

Seminar and Workshop

  • 01 Joint bilateral seminar on "Antimicrobial Drug Resistance and Development of New Antibiotics", organized by the Indian National Science Academy(INSA) and the German Academy of Science Leopoldina during 18-20 Nov 2007 .
  • 02 Seminar on Topic " New strategies against the onchogenes" organized by Deptof Pharmacy , United college of Eng. And Technology, Allahabad.
  • 03 Workshop on bioinformatics on topic "recent advancement of Bioinformatics in development of genetic engineeringn" that is going to be held in Biotech department IET lucknow from 23-25, January, 2010
  • 04 Seminar organized by the Dept. of Biochemistry and Biochemical society of India on topic "Role of molecular fingerprinting in disease diagnostics" from Nov 18- 19 ,2010. The title of my abstract is "Genotypic differentiation of M.tuberculosis isolates of fatehabad area of Agra District based on IS-6110 RFLP and MIRU-VNTR genotyping"
  • 05 Presented poster in the 80th Society of Biological Chemist [SBC(I)] Annual Meeting and Conference on "Metabolic Pathway Modulation- Application in Health and agriculture" held at CSIR- Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants during 12-15Nov, 2011 at Lucknow, India.
  • 06 Comparative efficacy of spoligotyping and MIRU-VNTR to characterize the Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates of Bah area of Agra district, National Symposium on Biomarkers in Health and Disease: Bench to Bedside, SGRR Institute of Medical & Health Sciences Dehradun, 3-4 July 2013
  • 01 Member of society of Biological Chemist (India), IISC Bangalore.

Educational Qualification

S.NO. Particulars Board/ University Percentage Specialization
1 High School U.P. Board 64 Science
2 Intermediate U.P. Board 62 Physics, Chemistry, Biology
3 B.Sc. D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur 57.2 Botany, Chemistry
4  M.Sc. R.M.L. Avadh Univ. Faizabad 64.2 Biochemistry
5 M.Tech IET Lucknow (U.P.T.U.) 72.4 Biotechnology
6 PhD G.L.A. University    
7 CSIR -NET     Life science

Project Guided M.Sc Biotech- 21 Projects

Additional Responsibilities -NSS, Program Coordinator


  • Protein Purification & Isolation By SDS-PAGE, Gel Filtration, etc.
  • DNA finger printing by RFLP and MIRU-VNTR.
  • DNA,RNA Isolation & Separation by Agarose Gel
  • Practical Handling Of UV Visible Spectroscopy, Centrifuge, Autoclave ,PCR etc.
  • Basic Microbiological technique.
  • Quantitative estimation of Bilirubin , Cholestrol, Sugar, SGOT/SGPT, Acid & alkaline Phosphatase etc

Awards & Fellowships

  • GATE 2004 Qualified (91.46),GATE 2005 (86.42)  GATE Fellowship for M.Tech.
  • CSIR-NET(Life Science) Qualified June 2004 & Dec2004
  • Integrated Fellowship during High School & Intermediate