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Prof. Surender Singh Siwach

Prof. Surender Singh Siwach

  • Professor & Dean
    Institute of Applied Sciences & Humanities
  • Department

    Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
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    Email :

    Contact Number :8708090645; 9896202029

  • Qualifications

    • Ph.D. Agri. in Plant Breeding from HAU, Hisar in 1995 89.80 3.99/4.00 Plant Breeding
    • M.Sc. Agri. in Plant Breeding from HAU, Hisar in 1982 78.20 3.41*/4.00 Plant Breeding
    • B.Sc. (Hons) Agri from HAU, Hisar in 1980 68.54 3.17/400 Plant Breeding & Genetics
    • Higher Secondary from CBSE in 1976 51.05 Non-Medical
    • One year Diploma in Agricultural Journalism from Academy of Agriculture Research & Education Management, CCSHAU Hisar.

    *Merit Fellowship during M.Sc. (Agri.)
    **Overall Grade Point Average

  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-


Research Projects Managed

Title of the project  (PI/Co-PI/ Associate) Period Sponsoring Organization
From To
All India Coordinated cotton Improvement Project Project Incharge 14.7.2009 13.3.2013 ICAR
Development of Superior Fiber Quality, Early Maturing, High yielding varieties of American cotton. Co-PI 1.4.1998 31.3.2001 Cotton corporation of India
Evaluation and Screening of Bt. Cotton hybrids recommended for Haryana state PI 1.4.2010 31.32013  RKVY
Evaluation and Identification of suitable pest tolerant compact cotton amenable to mechanical harvesting. Co-operative Centre Principal Investigator (CCPI) 1.4.1995 31.31998 NATP (ICAR)
Characterization of Plant Ideotypes Suitable for Different Agro-climatic Zone” Co-operative Centre Principal Investigator (CCPI) 1.4.2001 31.3.2006 DAC
Development of Tetraploid Cotton Cultivars with High Fibre Quality and Resistance to Drought and Biotic Stress Co-operative Centre Principal Investigator (CCPI) 1.4.2007 31.3.2009 DAC
Identification of G. hirsutum genotypes suitable for machine picking and development of agronomic package Co-operative Centre Principal Investigator (CCPI) 1.4.2007 31.3.2009 DAC
Technology Mission on cotton, (TMC)
Development and promotion of Bt transgenic cotton for bollworm resistance Co-operative Centre Principal Investigator (CCPI) 1.4.2007 31.3.2010 DAC
Screening and evaluation of recommended Bt. Hybrids for North Zone PI  1.4.2010 31.3.2012 RKVY
Testing of promising hybrids, Bt. Hybrids, new molecules and growth hormones PI 1.4.2008 31.3.2013 Contractual
E Kapas Network and Technology PI 31.12.2013 - 31.3.2016 TMC

Publications/Popular articles/Papers presented in the Seminars: >150

New initiatives for quality enhancement in research, education and extension

  • Gap Filling Projects- 1.09 Cr
  • RKVY projects-   14.67 Cr

As Cotton Breeder

Cotton varieties released and notified

  • G. hirsutum varieties: H 974, H 1098, H 1117, H 1226, H1098-i, H 1236, H 1300,  H 1353 & HS292
  • G. hirsutum hybrids: HHH 81, HHH 223 & HHH 287       
  • G. arboreum varieties: HD 107, HD 123, HD 324 & HD 432
  • G. arboreum hybrids: AAH 1

Registration of line with NBPGR

  • G. arboreum: - GMS 1 DS 5 (INGR – 97004)
  • G. hirsutum: - HGMS -1 (INGR 04149)
  • G. arboreum germplasm lines: - GMS 2 (INGR 10138);   GMS   4 (INGR 10139);
  • GMS 7 (INGR 10140); GMS 16 (INGR 10141)

Institution Building

Item Details of Activity Level of Involvement Amount
(Rs. in lakhs)
New facility Artificial screening for Cotton leaf curl virus disease Planning, execution and financial management 30.00
Centre for quality planting material 28.80
Modern seed store for Cryo-preservation facilities 65.00
Renovation  and strengthening of Biochemistry Lab. Procured HPLC Planning and procurement of equipment 40.00
Strengthening of laboratory Central Laboratory for P.G. Research

Planning, execution, purchase and financial management

Strengthening of Post Harvest Management Techniques of Horticultural Produce Pilot plant 40.00
CA storage chamber and cold storage chambers 80.00
Common facilities Organic Food Analysis Laboratory (OFAL) 190.00
Infrastructure development Infrastructure development and production growth at RDS Seed Farm, CCS HAU, Hisar 664.00
  • Organized International Symposium “Global Cotton production Technologies vis-à-vis climate change” sponsored by Cotton Research and Development Association, CCS HAU Hisar and ICAR, New Delhi held at CCS HAU, Hisar from 10-12 October 2012.
  • Organized National Seminar “Reorientation of Agricultural Research to Ensure National Food Security" sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India held at CCS HAU, Hisar from 6-7 January 2014.
  • >Organized Annual Group Meet “Mungbean & Urdbean (All India Coordinated Research Project on MULLaRP)” sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi held at CCS HAU, Hisar from 17-19 May 2014
  • Organized Annual Group Meet “All India Coordinated Research Project on Castor”, sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi held at CCS HAU, Hisar from 29-31 May, 2014
  • Organized National Symposium on “Future Technologies: Indian Cotton in the next decade” at Nagarjuna University, Guntur (A.P.) during December 17-19, 2015.
  • Organized Seminar on “Aromatic & Medicinal Plants” held at CCS HAU, Hisar from Feb.29 - March 1, 2016.
  • Organized “51st Annual Group Meeting of AICRP on Pearl millet” held at CCSHAU, Hisar during18-20 March 2016.
  • Organized National Symposium on “Transgenic Crops in India: Progress and Challenges” held at CCS HAU, Hisar from 16-17, March 2016.
  • Organized “5th National Seminar on “Coarse Cereals Development – Challenges and Opportunities in the Country” held at CCS HAU, Hisar during 20-21 March, 2016.
  • Fellow Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding
  • Life Member, Indian Society for Cotton Improvement.
  • Life Member, Society for Cotton Research and Development.

Capacity Building/Advance training.

Title Duration Institution Year
Management Development Programme on Public – Private Partnership in Agriculture 05 days IIM, Lucknow 2009
Leadership for innovation in Agriculture  05 days MANAGE, Hyderabad 2009
Computer Application in Agriculture. 28 Days AAREM, CCS HAU Hisar. 2000
Faculty Development Programme in Research Management 26 Days AAREM, CCS HAU Hisar. 1997
Recent advances in Breeding for Biotic and Abiotic stresses in Crop Plants 10 Days PAU, Ludhiana 1994
Instrumental techniques for Cotton Quality Evaluation 20 days CIRCOT, Mumbai  1990

Assignments (From present to past)

S.No Duration of work Position Assignment
1 13th September, 2021till date Professor and Dean,
Faculty of Agricultural Science, GLA University, Mathura (UP).
  • Strengthening the institute for accreditation as well to start new courses at PG level,
  • Started M.Sc Agriculture, Plan to start Ph.D from the coming session
2 15th July 2020 13.9.2021 Dean, School of Agriculture, Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun.
  • Started Master’s Programme in Agriculture and strengthening the Institute for accreditation.
3 1st June 2020 till 31.5.2023 Member, Research Advisory Committee of Central Institute for Cotton Research, (ICAR) Govt. of India
  • Monitoring and future planning of Cotton Research in the country at national level
4 1st June 2018 till date Advisor, Rallis (Earlier Metahelix) India Limited, Tata Group
  • Guiding the Research program for Field crops with special reference to Cotton and maize
5 10th June to 9th July2020 Director, University Institute of Agricultural Sciences (UIAS), Chandigarh University , Mohali, Punjab
  • Started Masters and Doctorate in Agriculture Economics, Guided one Ph.D student.
  • Strengthened the UIAS for approval by Punjab State Council for Agriculture Education (PSCAE). New Faculty recruited; laboratories were renovated with the purchase of scientific instruments as prescribed by ICAR and PSCAE.
  • Prepared the Institute for NAAC accreditation.
6 30th December, 1982 to 31st March, 2018 Professor/ Scientist
  • Developed Cotton Production Technology including four new Hybrids and 13 Varieties.
  • Developed first Genetic Male Sterility based hybrid in desi cotton in the country.
  • Five germplasm lines were registered with national bureau of Plant genetic resources
7 13th March 2013 to 10th March 2017 Director of Research
  • Planning, Monitoring and evaluation of all the Research activities of the University.
  • External Grant generated to the tune of Rs.9.88 crores
  • Infrastructure worth 50 lakh created with further planning of approx. 50 crores (received as a special grant from Govt of India) for the development of Institute
8 1st August to 13th Dec.2016- 1st October- 13th August 2014 Director of
Ext. Education (Addl. Charge)
  • Community and Group approach activities undertaken, innovative extension methods and institutional innovations adopted to guide farmers.
  • Implemented e-extension/ ICT based extension programmes, web based knowledge portals.
  • Organized/ coordinated interface meetings, farmers meet/fair etc. Production and supply of technology products for TV & Radio talks.
  • Women Counselling centre established
  • Introduction of castor crop in new area
9 13th Dec.2016-13th March 2017 Dean, College of Agriculture &
Dean, Post Graduate Studies
  • Strategic Planning for new College of Agriculture at Bawal, (South Haryana) which started in July 2017
  • Overall monitoring of Under Graduate teaching of College of Agriculture, Chair the meeting of Board of Studies
  • Overall planning of post Graduate Research of the entire University

Core Competencies

  • Raising and Management of Higher Education Institute.
  • Strategic & Perspective Planning
  • Management of accreditation of the Institute
  • Human Resource management
  • Research, Extension & Teaching Management

Inter institutional collaboration

  • International Collaborative Project on “Development and    Dissemination of climate resilient rice varieties for water short areas of South Asia and South-east Asia” IRRI, Philippines, Rice research centers of Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Bangla Desh and CCSHAU, Hisar (India)
  • Joint Technology Review and Dissemination Committee constituted between CCS HAU, Hisar, PAU, Ludhiana HPKVV, Palampur and Univ. of Hort. & Forestry, Nauni

Awards and Fellowship

  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research Award for Outstanding Team Research Work in Cotton for the Biennium 1997-1998 and 2001.
  • Felicitation by the Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of Haryana for contribution to the Agriculture Sector in the region during Vision 2020: Harnessing Technologies. Harvesting Prosperity which was organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on 20th April, 2012 at Chandigarh.
  • Honoured for significant contribution in wheat breeding in National Symposium “Crop Improvement for Inclusive Sustainable Development” by Punjab Agricultural University and Crop Improvement Society of India in 2014
  • Recipient of Certificate of Honor from Department of Plant Breeding for the Development of the First GMS Based Gossypium arboreum Hybrid AAH –1.
  • Recipient of Certificate of Honor from Department of Plant Breeding for the Development of the Gossypium arboreum Variety HD 123
  • Recognition from Department of Plant Breeding for Outstanding Team Research Work during the year 2000
  • Recipient of Certificate of Honor from Department of Plant Breeding for the Development of the Gossypium hirsutum Variety H 1117 and Gossypium hirsutum hybrid HHH 223.
  • Recipient of Certificate of Honor from Department of Plant Breeding for the Development of the Gossypium hirsutum Variety HD 324 and Gossypium hirsutum hybrid HHH 287.
  • Appreciation letter from Director of Students Welfare for excellent work as Hostel Warden.
  • Merit Fellowship during M.Sc. (Agri.)

Professional Recognition

  • Member, Research Advisory Committee, Central Institute of Cotton Research (ICAR) from 31.5.2020 to 30.4.2023
  • Member, International Cotton Researcher Association, ICAC, USA
  • Member, Peer review committee of ICAR (Govt. of India) for College of Agricultural Technology, Theni, Tamilnadu during 2019
  • Member, Peer review committee of ICAR (Govt. of India) for School of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara –Punjab during 2018.
  • Member, Peer review committee of ICAR (Govt. of India) for MPKV Rahuri Maharashtra during 2017.
  • Member, Peer review committee of ICAR (Govt. of India) for Sardar Krushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Dantiwada (Gujrat) during 2017.
  • Leader, Monitoring Team of All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project for Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • Member, National Level Monitoring team (NALMOT) of Intensive Cotton Development Project (ICDP) in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan.
  • Chairman/Member, Monitoring Team of All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project for Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Member, Institution Biosafety Committee of Private Seed Companies
  • Member, Regional Committee on Genetically Modified crops for Cotton
  •  Member, Central Compliance Committees for monitoring the Biosafety Research Level-I (BRL-1) trials of transgenic cotton and Corn hybrids containing new events/genes conducted during 2009-2012.
  • Expert Member nominated by the UGC for final selection of fresh as well as mid-term evaluation of ongoing research projects in the subject of Agriculture/Sericulture/Horticulture as per XII Plan.
  • Co-Chairman, Plenary Session-XII Crop Improvement, Biotechnology and Post Harvest Technology in the National Symposium on “Future Technologies : Indian Cotton in the Next Decade”
  • Co-Chairman, In the International Congress on Cotton and Allied Fibre held at NEH complex (ICAR) Umiam during 20.2.2018-23.2.2018


Leadership Attributes Major R & D initiatives

As Director of research: Research publications by scientists under My management

Research papers 981
Books/Manuals 083
Books/Chapters 257
Invited Lectures 470
Abstracts 816
Magazine/Articles 399

Offices and Assignments held in Professional Societies.

  • President, Cotton Research and Development Association publishing Journal of Cotton Research and Development (NAAS Rating 4.69)


Students Guided: (As Major Advisor)
M.Sc.: 3
PhD: 4
Member of Advisory committee: five