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Dr. Manoj Kumar Agrawal

  • Associate Professor
    Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • Department

    Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Experience

    21 years Teaching/Research experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing & Fabrication), 6 years Industrial experience.

  • Qualifications

    • Ph D (2016)       :GLA University, Mathura (U.P.) India
    • M.Tech. (2007)  :UPTU, Lucknow (U.P.) India
    • B.Tech.(1992)    :Poona University, Pune, India
    • Diploma (1988)  :PMV, Polytechnic, Mathura (U.P.)


  • Ph.D

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed-


  • Postgraduate

    Thesis Supervised

  • Awarded/ Completed04


Research Publication

Paper Presented / Published in National Conference

  • 1 M. K. Agrawal, "Value Stream Mapping" proceeding of National Conference on Recent Advancement in Mechanical Engineering held on 25-26 March, 2011 organised by BSA College of Engineering & Technology, Mathura.
  • 2 M. K. Agrawal, "Manufacturing Flexibility: Competitiveness and On Time Delivery Performance" proceeding of National Conference "˜Competitive Manufacturing: Strategic and Decision Support System"™ held on 5-6 Nov., 2011 organised by GLA University, Mathura.
  • 3 M. K. Agrawal & Surendra Kumar "Robotization of Forge Industries to Sustain in the Competitive Environment" proceeding of National Conference" Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (RAME-2012) held on 8-9th June, 2012 organised by Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Farah, Mathura.
  • 4 Srivastava S, Mausam K and Agarwal M "Application of VSM for Identification of Mudas" : A case study for small scale steel Industry in Indian Context" National Conference: Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering held on 24-26th July 2012 and organized by International Science Congress Association, Indore.
  • 5 M.K.Agrawal and Vishnu Dev "Lean Manufacturing Practices: Conceptual Framework and Implementation" National Conference on Achieving Excellence for Industrial Competitiveness (AEIC) held on 19-20 Jan.2014 and organized by GLAU, Mathura.
  • 6 M.K.Agrawal and Vishnu Dev "JIT Manufacturing System: Some Requirement for Implementation and Pay Off", all India Seminar on: "˜Recent Advances in Manufacturing and its Management (RAMM-2014)"™ held on 7-8 Feb.2014 and organized by The Institution of Engineers (India) in association with BIT, Sindri, Dhanbad (Jharkhand).
  • 7 M.K.Agrawal and Shashank Srivastava "Application of Value Stream maps for Identification & Elimination of Wastes in Process Industry in Indian Conditions", UGC-SAP National Seminar on: "˜Ergonomics, Biomechanics and Occupational Health"™(EBOH-2015) held on 14 March, 2015 and organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra (U.P.).
  • 8 Ankit Varshney & M.K.Agrawal "Frugal Manufacturing System: Some Requirement for Planning and Implementation" National Conference on Process Automation and Control held on 28-29 May 2016, MNIT, Jaipur, India.

Paper Presented / Published in International Conference

  • 1 Manoj Kumar Agrawal & Surender Kumar "Lean Manufacturing Philosophy: - "An approach to improve production efficiency and customer responsiveness", 1st International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (ITME-2012) 24th & 25th August 2012, organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad (U.P.) India.
  • 2 Manoj Kumar Agrawal & Surender Kumar "Performance Index of Frugal Manufacturing System", 2nd International Conference: Computational & Experimental Methods in Mechanical Engineering (ICCEMME-2019) held on 3-5 May 2019 and organized by department of Mechanical Engineering, GLBITM, Greater Noida (U.P.) India.

Paper Published in International Refeered Journal

  • 1 M. K. Agrawal (2012) "Manufacturing Flexibility and On Time Delivery Performance" An International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Research, Vol.8, No.2, July-December, 2012, New Delhi.
  • 2 M. K. Agrawal (2014) "Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in a Moderate Industry" An International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Research, Vol.10, No.2, July-December, 2014, New Delhi (ISSN No.:0973-0281)
  • 3 M. K. Agrawal (2015) & Surender Kumar "Waste Minimization: A Tool For Lean Implementation" An International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research, ISSN 2249-0019, Vol.5, No.1, pp. 55-72, Research India Publications,
  • 4 M. K. Agrawal (2015) & Surender Kumar "Lean Project Implementation and Complexity Involved" An International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (An ISO 3297:2007 Certified Organization) Vol.4, Issue 8, August 2015.
  • 5 M. K. Agrawal (2015) & Surender Kumar "Change Management in a Lean Manufacturing Environment" An International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) ISSN 2249-8958, Vol.-X, Issue-X No.1,

Conference Attended

  • 1 National Conference on "Eco-Friendly Manufacturing for Sustainable Development", 19-21 Nov., 2010, Institute of Engineering & Technology, GLA University, Mathura.
  • 2 National Conference on "Achieving Excellence for Industrial Competitiveness", 19-20 Jan., 2013, Institute of Engineering & Technology, GLA University, Mathura.
  • 3 National Symposium on "Cleaner Production: Technologies & Strategies" October 25 & 26, 2013, University Polytechnic, GLA University, Mathura.
  • 4 IIPE 37th Anniversary Meet Cum National Conference on "Global Competitiveness through Quick Response Manufacturing (Challenges & Opportunities for Indian Manufacturers)" April 18-20, 2014, University Polytechnic, GLA University, Mathura.

International Conference

  • 1 Attended the International Conference on "Challenges and Strategies for Sustainable Energy, Efficiency & Environment" held on June 10-11, 2006 organized by U.P.T.U, Lucknow and Quality Up-gradation programme attended / participated.

Workshop and Quality Up-Gradation Programme Attended/Parcipated

  • 1 Attended one day workshop on "Recent Trends in Foundry Technology" held on 13th Feb., 2004 at Anand Engineering College, Agra.
  • 2 Mission 10X workshop on "High Impact Teaching Skills" held from 16-20 Feb.,2009, Mission 10X Programme at GLA Institute of Technology & Management, Mathura.
  • 3 Awareness of e-resources and IEEE resources on 26th Feb., 2011 at GLA University, Mathura.
  • 4 Training programme on "Waste Free Manufacturing"(Under the Institute Industry Interaction Programme) organized by Research Pronunciation Cell GLA University and IIPE UP State Centre, Mathura held on 2nd Feb.,2013.
  • 5 Participated in the ISTE-SRM Short Term Training Programme on "Advances in Refrigeration, Air-conditioning & Cryogenics" Organized by Anand Engineering College, Agra and sponsored by Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi and SRM University, Chennai during 31st March-6th April, 2014.
  • 1 Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (LM-48240).
  • 2 Life Member of IIPE (Indian Institution of Production Engineering), Bangalore (NLF0158).
  • 3 Life Member of Institution of Engineering (AMIE), Kolkata.
  • 4 Membership of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM), Kolkata.

Work Achievement

  • Patent of research work (Concept of Frugal Performance Index) and to be funded by government.   
  • Patent of Automobile devices for enhancing their working efficiency (Optimized Pneumatic jack, Smart Engine).
  • Patent is under process of “Smart Engine” with the concept of High Temperature Cut-Off to maintain proper cooling by use of Microcontroller along with design and Fabrications.

Extra Responsibilities

  • Working as an Additional Controller of Examinations at GLA University, Mathura since Oct. 2010.
  • Working as Central Workshop In-charge/Coordinator since Oct. 1998.
  • Worked as an In charge of Centre Evaluation of Answer Scripts at GLA University from Oct. 2010 to Dec.2014.
  • Worked as a Course Coordinator at GLA University, Mathura.
  • Member of Financial Committee.
  • Member Secretary of Examination Committee.
  • Member of Purchase Committee of Department.
  • Member of Departmental Board of Studies (BoS).
  • Member Secretory of UFM Committee.