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Dual Axis Sun Tracking System using LDR Sensor

Energy crisis is one of the prime issues in the developing country. Renewable energy is the only answer to solve this issue. Solar energy is one of the most effective resources of the renewable energy which could play a significant role to solve this crisis. This research presents a performance analysis of dual axis solar tracking system using Arduino. The main objective of this research is whether static solar panel is better than solar tracker or not. This work is divided into two parts, hardware and software system. In hardware part, four light dependent resistors (LDR) is used to detect the utmost light source from the sun. Two servo motors conjointly used to move the solar panel to maximum light source location perceived by the LDRs. In software part, the code is written by using C programming language and has targeted to the Arduino UNO controller. The outcome of the solar tracker system has analyzed and compared with the fixed or static solar panel found better performance in terms of voltage, current and power. Therefore, the solar tracker is proved more practical for capturing the maximum sunlight supply for star harvesting applications.