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Geo-informatics / Surveying Laboratory

Surveying Lab is very beneficial in college as it improves the technical aspect of students and clearing all doubts of practical based knowledge.

  • First in Chain surveying we measure the length from one point to the other point and make close figure to measure the area of land. It is advantageous for measuring in plane surfaces.
  • Compass surveying is a way of marking points on a land and measuring the distance between them when to make a close figure. The benefit of compass surveying is that it can be done simply using a normal compass.
  • Leveling which is done with the help of Dumpy level is very good for the students to learn the difference in the elevation of surfaces and the irregularities in surface which will help them to have a good idea while making a project.
  • In Theodolite surveying we measure the angles of inclination and declination and measure the length between the object and the instrument which help us to calculate the height of the object. It is beneficial as it can used anyplace without any hesitation.
  • Plane table surveying it is beneficial as in this we do not have to measure  the boundary of site but marking some points and intersecting by moving the station a little bit will not only give the boundary but the measurement also.
  • GPS surveying is used nowadays are very often used and doing it on labs give us a good idea of field work and gives us a good information of technology. In this we have to take the GPS device in our hand and had to walk around the plane which we have to measure the area and it gives the leveling of the plane.
  • Total Station a device used to measure, level, angle finding, etc. It is now used in field work as it reduces the carrying other instruments and it’s a digital instrument which measures accurately. It is beneficial for students to have total station in lab it gives them a good understanding of how to use the device in surveying purposes.