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Transportation Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory of transportation engineering in Civil Engineering Department at GLA University is well equipped with all the required instruments and equipment that are helpful in the overall understanding and practical knowledge of a student. We have all the latest instruments such as Marshall Stability, CBR Test, digital ductility testing machine and all other equipment required for the testing of road material. We believe in the fact that only theoretical knowledge is not enough for the overall understanding of our students. So the pedagogy includes every measures that impacts practical knowledge and carries out all the tests required for complete understanding of the subject.

This laboratory is beneficial to the students planning to go into the Highway construction and planning sector. All these test are performed on the site to quantify the quality of the materials being used on the site and to put a check on the quality.

Following is the list of experiments being offered by the Transportation Engineering Laboratory in GLA University:

  • Marshall Stability Test
  • Stripping test of Bitumen
  • Ductility Test of Bitumen (Digital)
  • Viscosity Test
  • Softening Point of Bitumen
  • Flash and Fire point test of Bitumen
  • Penetration test of Bitumen
  • Aggregate Impact Value Test
  • Aggregate Crushing Value Test
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Value Test
  • Shape Test of Aggregate