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Engineering Mechanics Lab

The main objective of the laboratory exercises is to supplement the learning and understanding of basic mechanics principles. The laboratory component is designed to give students a hands-on experience with the fundamental engineering concepts covered in the course.

This laboratory gives the basic understanding of structural member under the action of loads. The students will experience the changes in behaviour of structure due to application of loads. Basics of determinate structures will be introduced through experiment.

The main purpose of any structure is to support the loads coming on it by properly transferring them to the foundation. The students will be able to compute internal, external forces and displacements produced by the application of loads to make the structure safe. 

  • Polygon law of forces
  • Parallelogram law of forces
  • Board Model Belt Pulley
  • Parallel forces apparatus
  • Reaction of SSB
  • Deflection of SSB
  • Board Model gears
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Moment of Inertia
  • Torsion Test: Modulus of Rigidity
  • Worm and worm wheel
  • Screw Jack
  • Trusses