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24 September 2022

Workshop sponsored by the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics

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    GLA University, Mathura

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    24/ 09/2022

Three days’ workshop sponsored by the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA)



(1) Prof. Aseem Paranjape (Coordinator-IUCAA)

(2) Prof. Anirudh Pradhan (Coordinator-GLAU)

Venue of the Workshop: Centre for Cosmology, Astrophysics and Space Science (CCASS), GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Time of the workshop: From November 24-26, 2022

Total number of participants: 35 (25 research scholars + 10 PG students) from all over India.

About the Workshop:

General relativity is now recognized in cosmology and astrophysics as an indispensable theoretical framework. Most striking and brilliant triumphs, such as the expansion of the Universe, black holes, gravitational waves, and lensing are heavily indebted to general relativity. Further, the new discoveries in cosmology and astrophysics in recent days including the LIGO have opened the passage to study and test the nature of gravitation and the evolution of the Universe.

This program consists lectures from introductory to research level to help PG students, research scholars and junior researchers to grasp the essence of the recent developments in GR, gravitation and cosmology and are encouraged to have intensive discussions and establish collaborations.

This workshop will train and expose young researchers working in the field of cosmology so that they can contribute to the rich and growing discipline of cosmological data analysis.

The topics to be covered by the workshop include:

  • general relativity
  • gravitation theories
  • black hole physics
  • early universe
  • dark matter and dark energy


The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune is an autonomous institution set up by the University Grants Commission of India to promote nucleation and growth of active groups in astronomy and astrophysics in Indian universities. The IUCAA has granted Rs.3,45,175.00 (Three Lacs Forty-Five Thousand Seventy-Five Rupees only) for this workshop. GLA University has also granted Rs.1,00,000.00(One Lacs only) to conduct this workshop.

Resource Persons:

Resource persons are experts who contribute information and opinions to participants in the workshop. To conduct the present workshop successfully, we have the following renowned experts in their field:

  • Prof. Ajit Kembhavi, Professor Emeritus & Former Director, IUCCA
  • Dr. Kinjalk Lochan, IISER Mohali
  • Dr. Sanil Unnikrishnan, St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi, Associate IUCAA
  • Prof. G.K. Goswami, Visiting Professor, NSUT, New Delhi

Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. Manoj Kumar, Associate Director, TBI
  • Prof. Saibal Ray, Associate Director, CCASS
  • Prof. Manish Goyal, Head, Department of Mathematics
  • Prof. Anuj Vijay, Head, Department of Physics
  • Dr. Pushkar Sharma, Associate Director, CSED
  • Dr. Ambuj Kumar Mishra, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. Ashutosh Singh, Assistant Professor, CCASS

Organizing Secretaries:

  • Dr. Umesh Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. Archana Dikshit, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

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