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Faculty and staff members grievance redressel Committee (FSGRC)

University has a grievance redressel mechanism that is easily accessible to all faculty and staff members through an online form. This approach can streamline the process and ensure that grievances are efficiently addressed. Through an open and responsive approach to addressing grievances, GLA University is promising to create a more supportive and accountable environment for its faculty and staff members.

Any faculty and staff can register is grievance through - Register Here

Members of Faculty and Staff Grievances Redressel Committee (FSGRC)
Prof. Aasheesh Shukla, Professor Electronics & Communication ChairPerson
Dr. Kamal Shah, Associate Professor Pharmacy Member
Dr. Sucheta Agarwal, Associate Professor Institute of Business Management Member
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Rathore, Associate Professor Computer Engineering & Application Member
Mr. Deepak Gaur, Administrative Officer Computer Science & Engineering Member