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The Marketing Club

The Marketing Club of GLA university, aims to facilitate an all-round development of the students in the field of marketing and keep them abreast with the latest happenings in the said domain. We bring together some of the brightest minds, interested in exploring the ever changing dynamics of marketing and integrating the vast experience of its members across  functions and industries such as  advertising, research, branding communication and  digital marketing.

What do we do

We provide opportunities for our members to learn about marketing, grow their network, and amplify their chances as a marketer. These opportunities include events like personal branding workshops, digital marketing workshops, marketing expert guest speaker sessions, peer to peer mock interviews, and networking opportunities with local marketing companies via company visits .Ultimately, we strive to build an army of modern marketers that are ready to tackle today’s most complex business challenges.

Club Events

  • Digital marketing workshop
  • Marketing Quiz

Merketing Club Hierarchy

Designation Holders:
  • Faculty Coordinator- Associate professor Mr. Utkal Khandelwal
  • President – Asheesh sharma
  • Vice President – Deepti tiwari
  • Secretary – Utkarsh mittal
  • Joint Secretary – Javed Ahmed