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Skill Club

Mentor : Mr Bharat Singh

Skill club works under the umbrella of Mechanical Engineering department, GLA University, Mathura . Skill Club jointly organizes the activity with MSME-Technology Development Centre (PPDC), Agra. The club aims to boost the technical skills of the students by making them aware with the current technologies, software and latest machines that are using at the industry level in the current scenario and teaching them the same with the help of experts of the respective fields. For this the club organizes different workshops, events, software learning classes and industrial visits etc. As the club believes that practical knowledge is also very important apart from theoretical knowledge and hand-on experience makes the way of learning more interesting & effective and also makes the student confident and skilled in their respective field of interest. Skill club also encourages different Govt. schemes like Make in India, Start up India, etc , with the help of TDC MSME.

Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of understanding (hereinafter called as the ‘MoU’) is made between MSME-Technology Development Centre (PPDC), and Mechanical Engineering Department, GLA University, Mathura for following core objective:

  • Provide skill development training programme and entrepreneurship training programme for interested students in manufacturing sector.
  • Increase placement in Core areas among students.
  • Strengthening of entrepreneurship cell and to enhance entrepreneurial activities to motivate more students to take up self employment and business ventures.
  • Facilitate of state Govt. & Central Govt. Scheme to the college for the benefit of student/staff community.
  • To get the job work from the industries and complete it in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering Department, GLA University.
  • Establish Centre of Excellence for smart manufacturing to impart practical exposure and real time experience on projects, implant Training MSME sectors and to undertake Science and Technology Projects etc.