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Science Club

Physics, chemistry, and biology are the three entities that are unified and referred to as science. The entire universe can be comprised of this single term science, right from the big bang theory to the reproduction process, every aspect falls right here. Young students have a ton of questions in their mind. Learning and interpreting science is the only way to attain a practical and logical answer to all the intellectual questions. Science is the only subject that allows the student to fully explore the world and understand the core concept.
Learning and indulging in science concepts is not a day’s task rather it is a periodic process. It involves a lot of talking and listening to people, these activities will develop social and communication skills. Science club helps to develop certain cognitive skills like critical thinking and decision-making abilities. Science club opens a platform for most of the domains and from this pool of options, it would be easier for the students to develop a passion towards the most interesting and attractive stream. As domains will be based upon science factor in the future. It’s time to expose the students to various science based activities as these activities motivate the students to explore the new developments going on in the scientific world.
The best way to predict the future is to create it. Science is simply the common sense at its best.

Club Presidents: Mahima Chaudhary, Tejaswini (B.Sc. (H)Physics II Year)
Club Vice President: Swapnil Pandey (B.Sc. (H)Physics I Year)

Faculty Mentors:

Dr. Monika Goyal, Associate Professor (Physics)
Dr. Benoy Kumar Singh, Associate Professor (Physics)