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Saturangle Club

Mentor : Dr Divya Saxena

The club started this year in the month of January under the mentorship of Mr. Ravi Prakash Dubey and later the charge of the club was taken over by Dr. Divya Gupta.

This club was earlier called the Wedsenate Club, as we used to conduct our sessions on Wednesday but now it is called Saturangle, as now we meet on Saturdays and put forth our opinions.

Most of the responsibilities are handled by the students and this inculcates a sense of leadership among them. This club is now growing towards betterment with its every meet .It has a strong committee of executive members of around 15 students belonging to various courses and year.

Debating is a fun activity akin to a game in which we examine ideas and policies with the aim of persuading people within an organized structure. It allows us to consider the world around us by thinking about different arguments, engaging with opposing views and speaking strategically. Our club serves this purpose very well.

So far the club has debated on many topics and some of them are as follows: -

  • Are We Becoming Hyper nationalist ?
  • Who Is Responsible for Child Labour?
  • Ban on Jalikattu is Justified
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Should Euthanasia be Legalized?
  • Is Preaching Generating Faith or Reason?
  • Is Technology Generating Procrastinators?
  • Using Men-Shield by Soldiers Is Just Or Not
  • Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration is Justified Or Not

Our Mega Session Of Youth Parliament Was A Huge Success And Was Appreciated By Everyone.

Our objective is to inculcate a sense of debating sense among students so that they can put forth their opinions confidently and face this fast paced world.