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Poetry Club

About Poetry Club

The Poetry Club is one of the most renowned clubs in GLA University. It was established in 2016 under the leadership of Mr. Sandeep Debnath and was encouraged by Professor Shreesh Chaudhary: both esteemed faculties of the department of English then headed by Prof Nitin Bhatnagar. The club was established to nurture budding poets and their abilities to represent rhythms, styles, music, emotions, and passions in the form of words strung into a poem. The club has been involved in more than 25 activities till now. It has been the ultimate motive of the club to bring all the poetry lovers under one roof in the university. It is common knowledge that "university" means one family". We are not born into the same family but our minds are shaped and molded under the leadership of the president, vice president and general secretary of the poetry club, our hopes and despair shared by the general council and executive council members, all guided by division and the support of our faculty mentors, making us feel like one family. We work together to organize events and cultural programs. There are no seniors and juniors in this club. There are no specific teachers and students in this club. The teacher becomes the student, and the student becomes a teacher imparting knowledge and happiness to each other. The club has been sustaining itself with no financial assistance since 2020. It looks forward to becoming a full-fledged self-sustaining club in the upcoming years, techno-savvy and all. Therefore, we welcome you to flock together with the best minds in the university who have the potential to create and innovate. Students of the poetry club have been placed in every active position in foreign companies over the period of 5 years. We help you develop yourself and the leadership qualities that MNCs seek. We also work on your English-speaking skills and help you remove your hesitation, face a crowd, and walk with confidence. Every Poetry Club member walks with his or her head held high, not with pride, but with inspiration and motivation. So join us and become a member of one of the best clubs in the university where you will only be judged by the content of your character and be trained to become the best decision-maker you can become.

President-Harsh Vardhan
Stream:B.Tech CS

Vice-President-Tejendra Pratap Singh
Stream: B. Pharm