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Ninad Club

“Music plays a very important role in everyone’s life. It increases concentration and helps an individual to get relax and calm” and here at GLA University, NINAD gives you the opportunity to openly express yourself. Ninad is the official music club of GLA University. It is the club that represents all the genres of music and welcomes each and every person who is interested in music. Ninad actively participates in all cultural events which are organized in or outside the campus.

The music hub of GLA University is a place where passionate music lovers find their home. Music explains and connects people when words fail to do so. Music is the best therapy that rejuvenates the soul after a long day of studies and other academic activities. This isn’t just a club; it is more like a family of music lovers who stay committed to their passion for music, which is reflected in our stage performances, practice sessions, workshops, etc. This club has produced talented singers, instrumentalists, and rappers too. So many memorable performances have been given by this club, be it in our college or representing our college in different places, and we aspire to continue this beautiful journey of music forever.

 Music is God’s one of the most fabulous creations that touch the soul and help man sympathetically manifest unspoken desire and humanity in him. The effect of music on man is what separated him from other animals. Due to the high impact of music in the life of human beings, it is capable of breaking boundaries to unite people from different backgrounds and cultural heritage.

 There is a lot of Adventure, great fun, Music Therapy, Music Competitions like Antyakshari, Solo-Duet Vocaling Competitions, Qawwali Eve, GLA Idol, SPICMACY, Inter-collegiate competitions, Music Workshop etc., and still, more to bring out the inherent talents of our students.

 By the Grace of Maa Saraswati, the club started its journey with a vision and mission to explore the inherent talents of the young generation and create a lively ambience on the campus on 15th August 2010 under the benign guidance of Mr.NeerajAgrawal, Treasurer, Prof. Anoop Kumar Gupta, and Dr.Vivek Mehrotra. The club started organizing several programmes and performing on different platforms. As a result, it was recognized and appreciated all around.


Events Organized

  • GRAVITY ZERO (BATTLE OF VOCALS)” (An Online Music Competition)
  • SANGEET SANGRAM (An Online Music Competition)


Awards & Accolades

  • 1st Prize in Agrata 2019 & 2020
  • 1st Prize in GLA's Got talent
  • 1st Prize in Brij Literature Festival ( Incredible India )
  • 1st Prize in Dastoor 2020
  • 2nd Prize in Glance of GLA
  • Battle of Band, Atrangi 2019, Invertis University, BAREILLY
  • Battle of Band, JERCE JAIPUR”
  • WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” By NGO, ANWA AWARD (Brajwasi lands in)
  • GIRLS CHIELD EMPOWEMENT” NGO Anwa Award Org. BY Millennium school
  • Battle of Band IIT Roorkee in Thomso 2019