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NATRAJ is the official Dance Club of GLA University, Mathura.
Dance, the art of precise, expressive, and graceful purposefully selected sequences of human movement, performed in accord with musical accompaniment. It’s an art, a way to express one’s self, a way to exercise, a way to get feelings out. Dancing is developed as a natural expression of united feeling and action. NATRAJ dance club facilitates adequate dance space which gives student an opportunity to learn techniques that will help them not only how to dance but also give them self-confidence, better balance and more fluid movements. We organize and perform in all the major events of GLA University. NATRAJ has given such dancers who even won the international competitions for India. NATRAJ is not just a dance club, it is more like a family of students who share the same passion and dream.

Mentor – Dr Vivek Mehrotra (9927612107) (

Faculty Co-ordinator: Mr. Rahul Gupta (9557296237, 7906997350) (

During session 2020-21:

President– Shashwata Srivastava (7084703648) (184500099) (
Vice-President – Vishes Keshari (8174876781) (181500813) (
General Secretary – Ayushi Rathi (8630583567)  (181500185) (
IT Master – Aryan Tiwari (8840863298) (191500159) (

For coming session 2021-22:

President – Vishes Keshari (8174876781) (181500813) (
Vice President – Ayushi Rathi (8630583567)  (181500185) (
IT Master – Aryan Tiwari (8840863298) (191500159) (

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Total Members till date : 300+
Events : Battle Of Dance (Intercollege Dance Competition), Flash Mob, Prastuti, Mudra, Street, Fusion (with Ninad)