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Marketing Club (UG)

The objective of “Marketing Club” is to bring together students interested in the field of Marketing Management, help them in developing sales and marketing skills which are essential in the corporate world.  The club arranges various sessions both in online and offline mood with professionals who work in the field of marketing management.

The club promotes the active participation of the students. The students studying in various semesters of management and commerce undergraduate courses are responsible and empowered for arranging the events. This enables in developing the students to plan and arrange for the events successfully. 

Vision Statement:

“To enhance and empower the students that transforms ideas into action, capabilities into successful and dreams into reality”

 Mission Statement:

“Our focus is to provide the knowledge, skills, and enhancement needed to become leaders in the field of marketing and to develop and prepare club members for marketing careers.”


  • To identify and bring out the students inner capabilities and to improve effective communication and negotiation skills
  • To enrich the students with high academic strength to compete global challenges. And to create new ideas and innovative excellence
  • To develop leadership qualities among students.
  • To inculcate sociological and significant green marketing environment.