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Literario Club, Department of English, was formed in 2015 with the purpose of developing self-efficacy, confidence, creativity, team spirit and organizational skills among the students of GLA University, Mathura. The club organizes events that are both instructional as well as enjoyable and works to benefit students in the disciplines of reading, writing, speaking and above all logical thinking.
Managed by a council of young and enthusiastic students,  ‘Literario’ has successfully organized the activities and challenges such as News Discussion, Essay Writing, Debates, Discussion Fiesta, Declamation, Quizzes, Extempore, Open Mike, Story Telling tobrush up the literary skills of the students. To foster and uphold the great literary and cultural background of Braj, ‘Team Literario’ has been organizing ‘Braj Literature Festival’ (BLF) – the first ever Literature Festival in the birthplace of Lord Krishna – for the last four years. During the fest, the events like Authors’ Conclave, Debate, Rangmanch, Incredible India, Tape a Tale, Kathyogita, Spell Bee and many more are organized. Along with these competitions, workshops on blog writing, creative writing, personality development, storytelling, public speaking, vocabulary development are conducted. Book Exhibition on Braj Literature, Film Screening and Cultural nights add charm and grace to the fest.
The club is now growing towards betterment with its every meet. It has a strong student council having representation from across the university.  Literario is truly a club of the students, by the students and for the students. The Council Members acquire a wonderful opportunity to develop their organizational and leadership skills and, explore their hidden talents and passions.

Faculty Mentor: Dr Mamta Bhatnagar, Dept of English, GLAU, Mathura. Mobile no: 9927605568; 7906634094. Email:

President: Divyansh Garg, B. Tech. CSE III Year, Email:  
Mobile no: 7078592753

Vice president: Diya Gupta, B. Tech. CSE III Year. Email:
Mobile no: 6388882017

General Secretary: Jalanki Nayak, B. Tech. CSE III Year, Email: Mobile No: 95982 66529

Club Email: