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Literario Club

Expressing something is not easy for everybody, but everybody has to do this because all humans have something to express. With the same motive, the Department of English of GLA University introduced a Literature Club in 2015 named ‘Literario.’ This club encourages students to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions and build confidence in their creative spirits.

‘Literario’, the officially declared literary club of GLAU, embodies a platform to enrich the taste of literature. It gives an impeccable stage to students interested in exhibiting their literary skills. It evokes the diction of participation and team work. ‘Literario’ is the gateway to enter the world of communication.  

‘Literario’ brings in activities and challenges such as Director’s cut, Instantania, Debates, Discussion Fiesta, Declamation, Quizzes, etc., that brush up the literary skills of an individual from the grass-root level. ‘Literario’ also works upon inviting various renowned guest speakers from different fields who share inspirational stories, experiences and talks.

‘Literario’ organizes ‘Brij Literature Festival’ (BLF) - the first-ever Literature Festival in the birthplace of Lord Krishna -embodying a rich heritage and a great literary history.   It fosters the tremendous academic and cultural background and portrays the immense profoundness of literature Brij holds. BLF is a two-day celebration to promote and preserve the rich heritage of Brij. The series of events it comprises include Literary Talks, Workshops, Film Screening, Book Fair, Cultural Evening,  Kavi Sammelan, Story Telling and many more.

This club is now growing towards betterment with its every meet. It has a strong committee of student executive members belonging to various courses and years.

Literario is truly a club of the students, by the students and for the students.

Faculty Mentor: Dr Mamta Bhatnagar, Dept of English, GLAU, Mathura. Mobile no: 9927605568; 7906634094. Email:

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Events Organized

  • GLA's Got Talent
  • Declamation
  • Spell-Bee
  • Kathyogita
  • Vaad- Vivaad
  • Incredible India
  • News Discussion
  • Marvel's Trivia
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Personality Development Work Shop
  • Vocabulary Building Workshop
  • Photography Workshop
  • Hackseck Workshop
  • Guest Talks