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JAVAPIE club has been founded in the year 2018  under Abacus Society, Dept.  of CEA by Abhinav Varshney  currently working in Gemini solutions , Aman Singhal, working in KSolves and Manish Saraswat in his own startup named  Agrofarm development limited under the guidance of Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi Sir. Some of the aluminis who have been part of Javapie are Sumit Singh working in Analytics Vidhya and Ankita Awasthi in Comhard Technologies. Javapie has organised  Events , Workshops like android workshop, java and robotics workshop, Guest lectures and
Fun Events like Quizzler Fizzler in order to spread the importance of Java and other programming languages in this competitive era.

Around 3 billion devices are running on JAVA. Hence, it is an ocean of opportunities. JAVAPIE club lets you explore the same. The club makes the students aware of all the fundamentals of java (Object Oriented programming, app development, database connectivity), advanced java for app development and much more. The club organizes many quizzes, workshops, and coding competitions to improve the students' skills. Apart from JAVA, the club also focuses on JAVA support in Big Data, JAVA support in Machine Learning, and java app development.

Java is the most popular language these days and is also in great demand by top notch companies.With this idea we have come across as a platform where students can easily understand and learn JAVA and other such related programming languages.
Also, this will render an opportunity where they can enchance their skills and achieve great programming competance.

Mentor - Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi


Events Organized

  • Fun-O-Fiesta
  • Quizzler-Fizzler
  • Java with Android
  • Hackerrank contest
  • Fun with C
  • Robotics workshop
  • Workshop with collaboration with coding ninjas


Awards & Accolades

  • Collaboration with CodingNinjas for organizing Workshops
  • 2nd Rank in IT Mela