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GIZMO is a Hardware club. It aims at bringing out the "technologically best" in students.

The chief aim of the club is to bring the students out of their syllabi bound shells and to expose them to challenges awaiting them in the field of circuit design and hardware analysis.

  • We help students to acquire and develop new skill-sets by conducting various lectures and workshops.
  • We motivate and guide them to come up with innovative projects that tackle real-life problems.
  • We provide resources and the technical know-how to realize and shape their projects.
  • Through regular meetings and sessions, we improve students’ technical and leadership skills.

Mentor :
Mr. Anjan Kumar
Mr. S K Saraswat

Student coordinator :
Amit Tiwar  (Head Co-ordinator)
Ishan Sakhuja  (Associate Co-ordinator)
Shashank Yadav (Associate Co-ordinator)