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Empresario Club

About the Club

Empresario is a student-run club that aims at providing a suitable platform to the students having an innovative bend of mind. The Club focuses on providing the students with a skill-set that befits a future entrepreneur. The Empresario Club is dedicated to promoting and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among the students. Empresario provides platforms for budding entrepreneurs to shape and facilitate their business ideas.

Moreover, the Club organizes activities and events for the students, thus bringing out their entrepreneurial skills and inner motivation. The club works in close coordination with e-cell and New-Gen IEDC to provide students with a sea of opportunities to explore their entrepreneurial mindset. Its prime objective is to take the start-up ideas of students to the next level. Welcome to a platform to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey!  

Events Organized

  • Workshop on Idea Generation
  • Workshop on Employability- Beyond the Skills Gap
  • Workshop on Entrepreneurship- Cojinete
  • E-Talks- Guest lectures from Budding entrepreneurs
  • Investock- Finding the Key to Financial Independence
  • Online  V-Logging competition - Kisse Safar Ke
  • Do it Virtually -Finding Real Youtuber Inside You"