Admission Inquiry

Cyber Security Club

Name of the Club : Cyberonites

  • This club is the technical wing of the departmental society ABACUS 

Aim and Objectives

The Club shall have the following objectives:

  • Cyber Security Task Force that aims to enhance and sustain a fundamentally secure environment for IT based administration in organization by enhancing knowledge and designing policies in the field of cyber security.

Faculty Coordinator

  • Mr. Ambrish Gangal

Who can join?

  • The membership of the Society is open to all the students of B.Tech (CSE), MCA, BCA and M.Tech (CSE) (Must be the member of ABACUS).


This project comprised of the following broad areas:

  • Cyber Security Awareness Seminars.(in and outside university)
  • Security Survey and Audits conducted to assess the state of data security.
  • Security Portal that offer knowledge resources on various aspects of security to all stakeholders. (may be extended to mobile Apps)
  • E-security forums creation with an aim to promote exchange of security practices.

Road Map

  • Coordinating and supporting the knowledge transfer activities base of cyber security
  • Organizing workshops/seminars leading to a better understanding of cyber security technology and adoption.


  • This task force can help consolidate and synthesize existing resources and best practices to support policy makers’ ability to understand and implement cyber security measures that work best for the organization.