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CODE-e-PHOBIA is a Software Club. Its objective is a custom software and solution   development consultancy. The coding club runs as a professional learning tool where innovations in the technological world.

The club is focusing on main three things: Awareness, Opportunity and Discovery.  

  • Awareness comes down to understanding the technological diversity in field of computer science. As the demand of computer scientists is increased to pursue different skills.
  • As a club opportunity that connect our student to create a constant flow of communication to establish job opportunities & mentioning
  • Computing majors may discover an area that interests them the most in the field; for ex- some may enjoy web development, embedded programming, system admin etc.

Mentor :       
Mr. Diwakar Agrawal
Mr. Divesh Kumar

Student coordinator :
Chesta Saxena  (Head Co-ordinator)
Shraddha Singh  (Associate Co-ordinator)