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Club Name: Circuitminia

In the current academic environment, the clubs related to the technology are working like booster to brainstorm the students. Taking the concept of brainstorming in the circuit design, the “Circuitminia” Club is initiated. Circuitminia is the branch of technology that deals with the simulation, testing, design, construction, operation, manufacture and application of circuits in different electrical and electronics domains. We create a platform which allows students to gain assistance and mentorship to enhance their circuit design ability. Our objective is to propagate the enthusiasm for the circuit simulation and design in the institute and especially amongst freshmen. We believe that each and every student here at GLAU should have an opportunity to learn how to design and develop a passion for it. The secret of getting ahead is getting started and we aim to provide every student with the right start.
At the initial stage we start with the simulation of the given problem. The software tools MATLAB, PSpice, PSIM, and PSCAD, we are using for the simulation of circuits.

President: Mr. Gaurav EE-II (8445242279)
Vice-President: Mr. Narendra Singh EE-II (8279588518)
Pro-vice President: Mr. Puranjay Singh EN-I (90277707740)
Name of mentor: Mr. Indresh Yadav (9452052246)