CHeMgLa - Chemistry Club

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CHeMgLa endeavors to provide students with the distinctive opportunity of having fun with chemistry, while achieving academic success and meeting new people. The club aims to promote chemistry as a subject and bring awareness about the everyday applications of chemical science in engineering and its various branches. In an attempt to attract young minds to science in various disciplines, the chemistry club hosts many activities like poster presentations, Oral presentations, Quiz competition, movie screenings and many more for the graduates. These events are a great source of entertainment and education for students, and allow them to experience the various sides of chemistry. Our club hopes to bridge the gap between the Chemistry and Engineering community by holding chemistry lectures and demonstrations open to everyone.

Constitution of the Club

Chairperson: Prof. D.K. Das, Head Department of Chemistry
Faculty Coordinator & Mentor: Dr. V. K. Vashistha, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Student Coordinators:

  • Animesh Raghuvanshi (B. Tech II Yr.), 2018-19
  • Gitansh Sehgal (B. Tech II Yr.), 2018-19
  • Ankit Bansal (B. Tech II Yr.), 2018-19
  • Aman Singh (B. Tech II Yr.), 2018-19
  • Kartik Agarwal (B. Tech II Yr.), 2018-19
  • Aman Mangla (B. Tech II Yr.), 2018-19

Recent activities are highlighted below:

  • Movie screening “Evolution of Earth” in Sep, 2019
  • Poster presentation competition on the theme ‘Chemistry: Our health – Our future’ on 6 Oct 2018. 
  • Training/ demonstration of lab experiments to the grade school students – KVS-II, Mathura on 28th Nov 2018.
  • Oral Presentation competition on the theme “Importance of Chemistry in Our life” in Jan 2019.