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Agriventure club was established under the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in 2019 for developing a sustainable outlook towards agriculture. It inculcates a sense of responsibility among students toward rural and agricultural empowerment and enhancing student's creativity, leadership, team work and interpersonal skills. The club is engaged actively in organizing the events, workshops and other activities to add up to the thinking ability of the genius minds and directing that thinking or ideas toward the empowerment of the agriculture and rural welfare.
As the Father of our nation said "The soul of India resides in its villages" the club works for supporting, developing and empowering the soul of the country by strengthen the bedrock of villages. It is for all those students who have a vision and aspire for a bright and progressive future of the agriculture and villages.

Club President- Karan Tyagi
Contact No- 9654233094

Vice President- Tulsi Goswami
Contact No- 7455901025

Faculty Coordinator- Dr. Vineeta Pandey
Contact No- 9058435949